more hoops

The saga continues….
I had my next round of hospital based tests for my liver tumour today.  I’d been sent for an ultrasound to ascertain whether I had gallstones, as the surgeon was convinced that a liver tumour could not possibly cause symptoms.  Apparently nothing deviates from the “norm” in his mind.  Anyway…
I had a lovely team of medicos.  Firstly my sonographer who was lovely & discovered that I didn’t have any gallstones.  She then mysteriously paged someone else and I was greeted by the nicest doctor ever.  He was quite attractive too, so that was a bonus.  He told me about some new procedure they do with FNH tumours whereby they do something and blah blah blah.  I said yeah go ahead and was fitted up for a canula.  All I know is I was a willing guinea pig for a new procedure designed to get the best ultrasound results for seeing an FNH.  It was a rather fun experience, I got to watch what was happening on the screen and my new sonographer & the doctor had a witty repartee happening, which made me giggle.  Interestingly they agreed that the tumour would cause symptoms, especially as it is now 10cm x 9cm.  I told them to make sure they wrote that on the report for the surgeon!
Afterwards I caught up with my clinical placement supervisor from last year and had lunch.  It was lovely to see him again, to catch up on all the comings and goings.
Next up was a repeat of the same blood tests I’ve now had 3 times.  Repetition much?  Of course my veins wouldn’t co-operate, but eventually the back of my hand gave the much needed liquid and I was on my merry way.  4 hours after I’d arrived!
My surgeons appointment is on Monday and I swear, if they don’t say yes Fen we’ll remove the pesky little bugger, I’m going to have a tantrum on their floor like a 2 year old.  SO THERE!!!!!
Still looking for houses, inspected a few this week, we’ll see what happens.  It’s very hard to fit in with their open for inspection times as I work such odd hours and by nature real estate agents aren’t a helpful bunch.  They have a monopoly and they know it. They open a house for 15 mins once or twice a week and they’re guaranteed to get at least a handful of applications from it.  Ah well, I’m optimistic something will come along.

~ by Fen on June 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “more hoops”

  1. Here's hoping you get your wish Fen, and they whip that sucker out faster than speedy Gonzalas. {{Hugs}}Good luck with the inpections…know what that's like…and I don't envy you. Oh stuff it… here's hoping YOU win this weeks X Lotto (instead of meeeeeee!), and you can buy yourself a house, and get a surgeon to sit up and recognise you and do the bloody job. ;o)

  2. geez fen.. life is not easy for you is it? please let me know if you ever need anything xo

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