Get on it!!

So, after seeing the worlds most negative liver surgeon today, I’m ON THE FREAKIN WAITING LIST!  Yes, I know, fall over in shock.  Ten months after my original diagnosis via ultrasound, I now have an end in sight.  HOO-EFFING-RAY!
I have no idea how long this waiting list is, and I’m sure it’s one of those fluid things that even if you’ve got a date booked the chance of cancellation/postponement is high, but hey, I’M ON IT!
Negative surgeon took great delight in explaining to me all the risks in his droll voice, and didn’t seem too impressed when I told him that everything had a risk, including me driving home from the hospital! HAH!
I have other news, announcement imminent…

~ by Fen on June 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Get on it!!”

  1. Congratulations!Hope it's sooner, rather than later.You often get the ocassional fuckwit who leaves little to be desired in the 'bedside manner'. ;o)

  2. Omg. News to come. Is he hot? Nice looking at least? Well, even a nice voice? You'll look so pretty in white.

  3. OMG this pending announcement is leaving me more in suspense than the ball of flames that leads into Masterchef ads! ;-)I hope the first part of your post is soon!

  4. Hopefully he merely suffers 'Doc Marrtin Syndrome' – blunt on the outside but extremely competent and kind on the inside.

  5. Thanks Ute, I guess as long as he does his job and does it well, the nurses are the ppl who really look after you, so it won't matter.Andrew he's hot and nice looking with a sexy voice & a complete figment of my imagination. I'm not the marrying type however!Ha ha Cranks, the announcement is up now, it's really not that exciting :PAaah Ann Doc Martin is at least a bit nice, this guy seems to have next to nothing going for him, well other than the fact that he's probably a damn good surgeon, okay well that's a big thing!!

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