What sort of person goes into someone elses bag, in the fridge, and steals only the tim tam biscuits that are in with their dinner.
Someone at my work, that’s who.  Tonight I brought in a roast rack of lamb (not the whole rack of course) and roast veggies, along with my gravy and mint sauce.  I also threw in 2 tim tams coz I always want to eat something sweet, call it dessert I suppose.  I checked about an hour ago and my tim tams have mysteriously disappeared.
I had a little tantrum, then sent the following email to the floor (mind you, there were all of about 8 people on tonight, so I’m sure if they let me tie everyone up and interrogate them I could suss out the culprit!)
“A big thank you (just a hint of sarcasm there) to the thief that stole my tim tam biscuits from within my bag that contained my dinner that was in the fridge tonight (Monday).
I work the overnight shift and by the time I get to eat there is nothing open, hence I have to make sure I bring my own dinner. Your selfish actions have prevented me being able to enjoy my dinner fully. I hope you enjoyed your ill gotten gains.”
I wanted to say a big f**k you and I hope you choke, but one has to be a tad professional at work.  Needless to say, I do hope they choke!!!!
I picked up the keys to my new place on Thursday and picked up my Nanna and gave her the grand tour.  The place is spotless and I’m extremely happy.  We filled in the condition report, unpacked a few of the things that I’d chucked in the car, then went back to Nan’s for dinner.  I won’t be moving in for a couple of weeks, coz I can’t afford it til next pay, but I’ve started!  I need to go get me some boxes asap, so I can start packing things up in what free time I have left.
Tonight’s been bad mood night with our customers.  You’d think after a long weekend that everyone would be all chillaxed and happy, but nup, they’re all grumpy and/or aggressive.  Hooray. Thankfully it’s gone quiet now, we were pumped earlier as of course they never employ enough people on a public holiday, coz that would mean they would have to pay everyone more.
Me, i’m just hanging out for my roast lamb.  Baaaaaaaaaaaah!

~ by Fen on June 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “thieves”

  1. Hey, nice new template btw. ;o)Next time, inject the Tim Tam with a liquid form laxative. You'll soon see who's responsible, from their rapid toilet breaks. ;o))

  2. Yeah, what Ute said with the laxative – a chocolate laxative works wonders… just sayin'!Good luck on the move and don't forget the rosemary for the lamb 😉

  3. Thanks Ute, was sick of the formatting of the old one, it did something ultra weird with paragraphs!Jayne & Ute – i think most people have suggested the laxatives thing! Alas knowing me I'd forget and eat the damn things myself hah!

  4. Poo, that sucks – time you guys invested in an office lie detector, methinks.. Great news about the move, it's always exciting to have a fresh canvass to work on, hope it all goes well!

  5. Something about pictures of cute baby lambs whislt rejoicing about roast lamb seems kinda… wrong to me. But hey – what would I know. Maybe the thought of munching through all that wool is just putting me off?

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