tomorrow it begins

So with an hour and a half til I finish work, I’ve been making a list of what I have to do before Tuesday’s big move.  It’s not actually that much really, just all the annoying tedious things.  Oh and sleep.  I’ve had a bit of trouble sleeping this week, my mind won’t switch off very easily.  I’m not stressed, just full of plans and ideas.
I’m sleeping (lying awake) at the new house on Monday night, then coming back to meet the removalists on Tuesday.  I won’t have internet at home for a little while, but I can access most things at work, either by stealth or through whatever they let us access!
I’m excited to be moving, to be finally living by myself again.  I adore living by myself, can’t wait.  I also don’t mind living so far out of the city, to be completely honest, I’m over the city and all it has to offer.  The majority of my social life has been city based ooh, since I was about 20, and though I certainly haven’t done it all, I’m just not that into it anymore.  I’m dead set keen to be closer to the beach again, coz the beach is something I adore, something that makes me feel at ease with the world.
So, fingers crossed it all goes off without a hitch. 

~ by Fen on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “tomorrow it begins”

  1. All the best for the move! I hope all goes smoothly and you have good neighbours, great surroundings and peace and quiet *hugs*.

  2. Good luck!The beach is so soul relaxing and extra good for energy top ups.

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