Book Recommendations?

The hospital rang me the other day, cancelling my pre admission appointment I had no idea that they’d even made for me.  Seems they stuffed up my new address royally.  Didn’t matter, coz it was cancelled anyway, and I’m going in at the start of August.  I was 3/4’s asleep when they rang and later on I suddenly thought, does this mean I have a surgery date set?  Meh, I’ll find out at some stage I guess!
So I’m looking for book recommendations from people, coz I’m going to have 2-3 months off and for a great portion of that time apparently i’ll be quite immobile.  I’ll pretty much read anything as long as it’s a good read, so give me your recommendations in the comments, write a brief synopsis if you can be bothered!  I should start borrowing DVD’s from people too.  I know I want to see all seasons of the Mighty Boosh again, my friend Stu has offered to loan them to me.  YAY!
I’m peeved that Mark Renshaw got booted from the Tour de France, what he did was self preservation.  Both him and Julian Dean should’ve been relegated to last, disqualifying him and doing nothing to Dean was ridiculous.  Dean was riding like a moron.  So glad Cavendish won the stage, i was shouting at the tv screen in the wee small hours, whooping at Mark as he won the stage.  I have such a soft spot for the ‘young man from the Isle of Man’.
(Photo: © AFP Photo)
Still no internet at home, it should be here next week with any luck.
Oh and I so want me a Huf House.  Seriously.  Must win tattslotto first!!  I watched an episode of Grand Designs on my laptop the other day and it was the erection of a Huf House and I am so in love with its perfect German engineering.  What a beautiful piece of work.  I think I want to be an architect when I grow up 😉
I’m really sorry if I’m shite at commenting on your blogs dear readers, i have been reading them in great chunks when I get time, but I’m so far behind that I find commenting pointless.  Keep your crossables crossed that my internet lands soon, then I’ll be up to date Fen and will be able to comment in real time!  Or at the very least, Fen time, which is not dissimilar to Hammer time!
Blimey, it’s nearly 2am, who did that?

~ by Fen on July 17, 2010.

11 Responses to “Book Recommendations?”

  1. Haha, funny how those 2am's always creep up on us, isn't it? Being a keen cyclist, Hubby is a HUGE fan of the Tour De France (don't tell anyone, but I can't ride a bike, never learned, poor deprived kid that I was..) and I agree, our local laddie has been soooo robbed – yeaaah, I am proper chuffed that you're a fan too (grin)!August is aeons away, sheesh, can't you ring them up and badger them for an earlier date??I'll come back to you on the book recommendations (I've a couple in mind, let me look them out for the blurb, first). Hope you are looking after yourself hon – don't make me come back and nag you, now. With what's going on, you need to catch some rest..!I loved that Mighty Boosh series, too.

  2. Ps. My brother-in-law is an architect (and total arsehole), please, please don't be an architect when you grow up?

  3. ha ha never fear, I'm a trained counsellor, there's no architect in me really!!Oh I adore Cav, I love hearing his post race interviews and his cute accent. I'm looking after myself, all good honestly. 😛

  4. Dandelion Soup by Babs Horton, The Murder Bird by Joanna Hines, Queen Camilla by Sue Townsend are a couple I've recently read.

  5. I have tonnes of books so when your date is set I should be mobile and can bring you a mountain of them. Just tell me what style you feel like reading so I bring a small mountain and not an Alpe d'Huez mountain :-).Sometimes headbutts are the best ways of maintaining balance at 70km/h, but Renshaw's third headbutt was unnecessary and inexcusable as he was stable by then. He also swerved wildly towards the left wall afterwards and nearly took out Farrar, which would have had him in the poo anyway. Naughty, naughty young man he is, but great long sprint from Cav.

  6. August is just around the corner! Holy crap!Hmmm..books are so very individual to everyone's tastes…. I'm quite fond of my autobiographies. Atm I've got two on the run, the Ray Martin Bio, and the second book by Carolyn Jessop, about her life in a polygamist cult.Here's to internasty soon!!!

  7. I taught two kids to ride a bike at Sandringham Commission flats, best thing I did in four years there.Well I tried to get a playground installed as well, but left mid battle when my fortunes improved. Yes. Journey to the End of the Night.L.F. Celine.

  8. Cutiepie.(forgot to say)

  9. thanks Jayne, I'll add those to my list.ooh Nicole, i'm looking forward to having a mountain of books to climb through, yippeeee.Yeah Ute, August is approaching with great haste, scary stuff indeed.R.H. that's great that you taught them to ride, I couldn't imagine not knowing how to ride a bike.

  10. They'll remember. I'm part of their lives, their experience, wherever they are now. (Probably married.)Try to get the John Marks translation (Journey to the End of the Night). There's a later translation by a bloke called Ralph Manheim, but I think it mightn't be as good. "My trouble is insomnia. If I had always slept properly, I'd never had written a line."-L.F. Celine: Death on the Installment Plan. How's that. Apposite! And they say RH is never apposite. Liars!

  11. I love 'Grand Designs' but last Thursday's house was just blergh.All that height at the front with glass floor to ceiling and then they find they haven't got enough room for two kids.My library is at your disposal but I suppose 'slice and dice' Cornwell is out of the question.

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