it’s the small things

My favourite view when I drive home in the mornings is best viewed from here (X marks the spot):

When I leave work it is dark. By the time I hit the bridge over the Yarra river, the sky to my left is starting to lighten, usually being a deep dark blue in colour, with a hint of lighter blue, sometimes if I’ve dragged my feet, there’s a hint of sun on the horizon.  Then I look to my right and it’s still night time.  It’s like being on the edge of two different worlds.  Except I’m not, I’m just on a bridge over the Yarra in Melbourne.

I took one of my friends home from work this morning and pointed it out to him as we drove over, he laughed and told me I was weird.  I don’t mind being weird if it means I get to notice lovely things like that. HAH!  I wish I could stop and take a photo of what I’m seeing, but there’s no pedestrian access to the bridge and I’m not that motivated, besides which, I hate mornings.


~ by Fen on July 19, 2010.

7 Responses to “it’s the small things”

  1. If it's weird to be able to see and marvel at the beauty that surrounds us every day, then it's wonderful to be weird!

  2. Yep, I'll second that; it's a sad day when someone thinks finding the beauty in nature weird.

  3. If you cross at exactly the same time each day, soon the light to the east will be much stronger.

  4. Anything that lightens the heart and makes the early morning start more bearable, just has to be good!Oh – book recommendation! Stephen King has a new book out, "Under the Dome", that I'm reading. I am hugely biased here, mind, I love anything this guy writes.. but this one is particularly addictive (and as it is over 800 pages, it should certainly pass the time away)! Here's the plot outline:An invisible force field seals off a small town from the rest of the world, no one can get out or in. A new, sinister social order develops, corrupt and threatening. Our hero's are a mixed bunch, but band together to try to locate the source of the force field, and to fight against the baddies (yeah, okay that's the simplistic version)..!

  5. Not weird at all. I do that at night at home when it's dark to my right and trying to stay light to my left.

  6. my favourite view is crossing Swan St bridge at night time and looking at the city. i have many a great photo

  7. Hi Tatty, thanks for stopping by. It sure is wonderful to be weird ;)Jayne I think he thinks I'm weird fullstop!Andrew you're absolutely right, in a few months I'll need sunnies on the drive home :oShrinky that book sounds awesome, I'll have to add that to my list. I like the simple synopsis!Nic I used to love it when it was raining on one side of the house and not the other!Aah Kiki, that's a great view alright, our fair city looks wonderful at night.

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