everybody needs good neighbours

Hurrah, I have internet at home, finally.  I also have nosy neighbours it seems.
I received a phone call from my rental manager (who’s a lovely lass) just checking to see if everything was okay at Chateau Fen.  The reason for her call, one of the neighbours had contacted her to say that I’d cracked the kitchen window and I often left the back door open.  Oooookaaaaay.  I reassured her that no, I’d not damaged anything in the house, not even the kitchen window and that yes, I had the door open from time to time as I liked fresh air and it was only when I was home on my days off.  I also told her that if she spoke to said neighbour that I’d appreciate it if they approached me first before worrying everyone else unecessarily.  She laughed and said yes well it’s obvious that some people have nothing better to do in their lives than stick their noses into other people’s business.  Uh huh.  Couldn’t agree more.  Anyway Nan (who was here) and I had a laugh about it and decided that maybe the aerial of the radio looked like a crack in the window, but WTF!  I’d love to see what’s said if I actually do anything wrong around here! Hah.
So yes, now I’ve got internet I’ve been able to do my tax return. Exciting or what. My refund will go towards my rent payments whilst I’m in hospital, bah humbug.  I’ve also gone on a poking frenzy on facebook and spammed twitter.  The cat has never wanted to sit on my lap more than when I’ve had the laptop out, she’s made me laugh.  She’s since retired to the couch and isn’t sharing.
Oh hai, this couch is mine, dunno where you're sitting.
edited Wed to say that I really need a 3 seater couch, sleeping ain’t gonna be comfy on this thing after surgery. Oh to be rich. Or to just have money.

~ by Fen on July 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “everybody needs good neighbours”

  1. I hope your neighbours are as vigilant when someone tries to break in! Chateau Fen, love it.

  2. OMG, are ya serious? This is why I hate living within ear shot of anyone…. Yay for intranets!

  3. Ummm, that neighbour wouldn't happen to be the actual owner, would it?A friend rents in Clayton through an agent with the owner living over the back fence and she's in 'visiting' every other day *silent screams*

  4. You can always just mess with them. That can be fun. If they're that nosey….well….messing with them is probably just too easy…

  5. I hope so too Andrew.Yeah Ute, here's to living in the middle of no where eh!Nope Jayne, the owner moved down to the Mornington Peninsula. Thankfully I work nights, so "visiting" isn't an option!Dave I'll have to start thinking of some ideas…

  6. Your neighbourhood watch could have at least dropped by with a cake and a welcome interrogation *rolls eyes*.

  7. Hahahaha, my only neighbour is every bit as demented – poor you!! Your moggy is adorable. Do you have a date scheduled for surgery yet – like soon?? When you are away, tape the windows up with tin foil, give the witch next door something to REALLY worry about..!

  8. my cousin has (maybe had, want me to check?) a three-seater, blue couch to give away. Want me to enquire? where are you? Fitzroyish?

  9. ha ha Shrinky, keeps you on your toes having demented neighbours!Nic yeah I'm up for cake and tea, but it seems I missed out big time.Thanks for the offer Kiki, however I'm living bayside now, I also don't have a vehicle big enough to transport a couch!

  10. wowzers,i just moved bayside too AND my cousin has always been bayside AND i have a work ute

  11. Fen, I think our cats are related.

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