I put a little picture on my kitchen window, so hopefully my neighbour gets the drift. Do you think so?

I didn’t work on Sunday, it’s a long story that I’d rather not go into here (just in case) but all you need to know is that I am furious with a colleague and that I’m meeting with my manager sometime this week. Yup.
Instead I had a lovely day with my friend Harvey. We shopped for a suit for him and then had yummy fish and chips for dinner.  Seriously I haven’t had fish and chips for months and months. I don’t remember the last time I had them. I went back to my old fish and chip shop in Bentleigh and it’s still as good as it was. Yum.  
Today I’ve been slacker than slack, other than doing washing and vacuuming, I’ve done bugger all. And I’ve loved every second of it.  Down time is awesome.

Still debating on the couch thing, I need to ask Kiki a few questions about the couch she was talking about.  My Nan asked me today if there was a ‘convalescence place’ I could go to for them to look after me when I get out of hospital.  LOL. Bless her. There probably is and it would cost me a freaking fortune.  I’m going to have to pay to put the cat in a cattery as it is, unless I can find someone that wants to house sit for the time I’m away, but so far no luck. If anyone knows of someone that would like to house sit for a week to 10 days and look after a laid back cat then let me know.  The whole thing that pisses me off immensely is not knowing dates.  I can’t freakin plan ANYTHING and it’s starting to really get on my goat.

Oh what a dick I am.  I just realised I put the oven on at 200F, which is less than 100C. So my chicken kiev and roast potatoes are barely done after half an hour. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Ninny.  Oh I’m all hungry too.

Anywho, totally lost my train of thought…


~ by Fen on August 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mondayitis”

  1. :oDTotally loike the nosy face.. hope that does the trick.Can your Nan kitty sit for you? Don't you hate farenheit temps on old ovens? And on new ones for that matter?!

  2. Damn!Hope you got to enjoy your meal in the end.

  3. Maybe your granny can take your kitty in for a bit? The drawing slays me, my son did the same (he has this annoying habit of never drawing the drapes in his bedroom, and his is the only room that happens to be overlooked by a pretty dubious neighbour). His sign was less subtle, it read "Piss off, Peodo" (I know I shouldn't laugh..)Fen, is there someone like a daily district nurse who can pop by to check on you, after surgery? I sure hope so (hugs).

  4. The drawing is the most immature thing I've seen in ages — can't tell you how loudly I laughed as it is right up my alley!I'm sending you an e-mail.

  5. Yes, but there's a lot to be said for slow cooking…..Maybe not.Then again….No.I do like the picture. Maybe the next one could be a creepy picture of Jesus with eyes that follow you around.And maybe lights up.With a motion sensor.OK, I'll shut up now and get a coffee…..

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