Dear William McInnes

Dearest most lovely Will,
I am having surgery soonish and my recovery time will be quite prolonged (2-3 months according to those in the know).
During this time I will be sleeping a lot, but I think I shall also be bored too.  I’ve started accumulating books, however my glasses are scratched and reading makes me tired.
I’ve come up with a cunning plan.  I think that you should pop by and read aloud to me.  Books, newspapers, hell, even the crunchy nut cornflakes packet would sound just dandy read by your good self.  See I’ve been listening to you read Dirt Music on the Nightlife and, well, your voice is quite dreamy.  I think that by you reading to me, it would speed up my long arduous recovery and make me feel much, much better.
What are your thoughts on this?
Yours, ever so sincerely
Oh lookie, it’s me recovering with Will looking ever so wistful as he’s about to read me some prose. Though I’m not sure I would ever wear a watch like that.

~ by Fen on August 7, 2010.

11 Responses to “Dear William McInnes”

  1. Cut the blah, you've got a bigger set than that, I'd know it anywhere.

  2. set of pillows? You're right, i have at least 6 on my bed at any given time!

  3. Dream on girlfriend.

  4. Ha ha ha….ew. I'd much rather Gerard Butler….or Jeff Probst. Or, both. :oD

  5. Just wish for the real William and not his Sandy Freckle character on Kath and Kim ;-).I'm feeling somewhat jibbed that Henry Rollins didn't come and read his spoken word to me personally during my recuperation *harumph*.

  6. I truly hope he comes across this blogpost when Googling his name and actually turns up.If he doesn't, I do wish you a speedy recovery.

  7. Hmmmn, now THAT would be almost WORTH the pain of surgery, wouldn't it? (grin)

  8. Yes Andrew, I will, dreaming is most fun!Ew to you Ute ;)I've not seen his alter ego on Kath n Kim Nic, but yes, I want his every day self. Maybe you could put in a call to Mr Rollins and ask him to visit anyway!Ann do you think someone like Will would google himself? I thought only Russell Brand did that!Shrinky it would make it very worthwhile and almost bearable!

  9. Hehe Fen, you know Rus is Ann's soft spot.

  10. No Andrew, I didn't. I'm a huge Russ fan myself! I used to giggle at his stories on his radio show, of how he'd goggle himself and find out what people were saying about him. He's a funny old soul that one!

  11. Annie's crush on Rusty would need therapy if she didn't also think Katy P is just wonderful and what a match they are. A black day if they ever break up for AOD.Now back to Mr. McGorgeous: he is not unlike that John Corbett guy of MyFatGreekWedding, and is very like the guy in HUNG. Rose? SO, check and list all their movies, then you can lean on the weekly rentals section of the DVD store and just bliss out on that too.I know a woman who used to have HughGrant movie festivals when depressed (and Have You Heard About The Morgans? was very nice too.Great line in it from a child expert: "Parenting in NYC is hard, you have to tell the child 'do not pat that dog' because it is actually a rat").

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