Ooh it’s starting to get exciting/nerve wracking all at once.
I had my pre-admission appointment at the hospital today.  I met the registrar who went over all the guff with me, told me a little more about the operation etc.  Nothing I didn’t already know.  Then I met with one of the nurses who did my bloods for cross matching in case I need a transfusion, checked my sats and pulse (100% and strong) and did an ECG on my heart (it’s beating and all fine) plus I had to wee in a little container!   As usual my veins were highly unco-operative and it took them 3 goes to get one that would give up the crimson gold.
According to both the registrar and the nurse my surgery date should be fairly imminent, hopefully within the next few weeks, as they won’t do these tests too far out from the actual date or they’d have to repeat them all again.  They might admit me to the Medi-hospital overnight before my surgery which would be cool.  I spoke to a few patients in there when I was doing my counselling placement last year, it’s a nice laid back part of the hospital so fingers crossed on that one.  There’s a good chance I’ll have an epidural for the surgery, gotta try everything once I guess!  I could have up to 50 – 60 staples in my guts after the operation, ooooher.  Shark bite anyone?
So, cross your bits and hope that I get the magical letter with my date in the mail asap.  I just want this out of the way now.
I’m going shopping with Nan tomorrow to get organised, I’d rather get it all out of the way now than wait.  I need PJ’s and some new pillows and a few other bits and bobs. Let’s hope this migraine doesn’t take hold, I’m busy.

~ by Fen on August 9, 2010.

7 Responses to “pre-admission”

  1. "50-60 staples"Holy crap!You'll be setting off the airport security with that impressive mother load.Wishing you much luck! x

  2. Sounding good, def closer with pre-admit. obs being completed.If they offer pain relief in any form, take it. Even the hot towels for your back, legs, wherever.Fingers duct taped crossed!

  3. I got an awesome hot-air blowing suit/blanket thing before my surgery, it was so lovely. I hope you get one of those.I'm glad you are getting your surgery finally!

  4. You may not have time to tell us you are going, so good luck for whenever.

  5. I gave a litre of my gorgeous blood this week at the Blood Bank, so if you are A+ you might get some of mine. Of course I hope you won't need it and I am not sying the 'L-word' which implies an element of chance. You will be fine and well, as all of us have good thoughts for you and will miss you till you get back at the keyboard.mwah mwah

  6. Oh hon, I really hope it's soon for you – the waiting around is enough to drive anyone demented! I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way. I had an epidural once, and IT REALLY DID WORK!! Keep us posted, when you get your dates, eh? Is there any chance you can move in to your granny's for a few days afterwards?

  7. ha ha Ute, I don't think I'll be going anywhere near an airport with them in, though it could be fun ;)Oh Jayne, i'll be taking it all don't you worry. I'm tough but I'm not into suffering!!I'll put my order in for one of those Tanya, that sounds brilliant.Oh I'll have time Andrew, I'll make sure of that!!Ann I'm B something, can't remember if it's positive or negative. I got banned from donating blood coz my veins were so useless!Carol, I guess I could but we'll see how it goes. Nothing like your own bed after all!

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