mcRanterson (apologies in advance)

Patience is the art of concealing your impatience.
Guy Kawasaki
I have no patience, I want to be in hospital now and get this over and done with. The end.
PS – it seems ridiculous that in order to claim centrelinks sickness benefits you must’ve stopped working already. By the time that happens for me I’ll be in hospital and completely unable to jump through their retarded hoops. Eff you. 
edit: 8:03pm
God is there nothing on TV that isn’t the Simpsons!
I just spoke to my Dad and tried to make him realise how major this surgery is.  Don’t get me wrong, my Dad is 10 kinds of awesome, I just don’t think he understands what I’m going to go through.  He asked me who was taking me to hospital, I told him well I kinda hoped it would be you considering you’re my Dad. Not sure if he was joking.  I really really miss Mum when I’m feeling vulnerable like I have been.  She’d have it all organised by now.  I went shopping with my Nan yesterday and she’s just as blasé about it all.  All I want is for people to say don’t worry Fen, we’ll drop in and look after you and cook you food and stuff.  But it feels like I’m doing it all on my own and I’m already fed up with it.  I’m really beginning to struggle with the whole idea, it’s a bit overwhelming.  I’m going to be completely helpless for a while, only able to shuffle short distances, unable to lift much more than the newspaper.  But my family don’t seem to get that.  I’m not asking for someone to be my live in nanny, but a bit of reassurance wouldn’t go astray.
Okay, enough ranting. I’ve had a migraine for 4 days and it’s beginning to wear me down. I can’t do much for it because it’s hormonal and well it usually goes away when I resume taking the pill.  However this time I can’t resume the pill coz I’m not allowed to take it til after my surgery. Gah.

Oh and I’m fucking well over politics and this election.  I hope I’m in hospital for the election day, doped up to my eyeballs so I don’t give a monkeys bum about who wins or loses.  I hate them all anyway.

So if anyone knows of a Mum I can adopt I’d really appreciate it.  The usual duties required.


~ by Fen on August 11, 2010.

7 Responses to “mcRanterson (apologies in advance)”

  1. Do the clowns at Centrelink expect you to drop by on the way to hospital? What's the harm in being able to complete the application when you have the surgery date? Or, I dunno, finish work on the Friday and see your local Centrelink on the Saturday. Hang on, that doesn't work either. They need a reality check.

  2. Yup, I know! I will be out of action (ie unable to leave the house) for a month or more, so how they expect me to do anything is beyond the realm of my imagination right now. I looked at the form and it's all filled in as if you're sick and off work NOW. Bleeeeeeeh.I might have to nominate my poor Dad as my whatsit and get him to do the dirty work for me. I hate to make anyone else go through what Centrelink put you through, but it might just be necessary this time round.Cocks.

  3. Oh, Fen… {{{HUGE HUGS}}}Can you not fill out the form now, like…in readiness for posting it in? Dating it as of the time you are not actually working? Get your boss to give you a pre-filled sick leave thingo?I'm sure your Nan and your Dad are probably very concerned, they may just not know how to show it..or don't want you to see how upset they are.They probably think they are helping you by not stressing out..?Having said that, I sure as shit hope one, or both rock up to support you in your hour of need…I'm sorry I'm so far away, I would most definitely be happy to come and help you out in any way I could.:o(xox

  4. Oh Fen, I'd scoop you up in a heartbeat, and take you back home here if only I could. Men are pretty hopeless with detail, can you not sit down with your dad and spell out what it is he needs to do? He may well prove brilliant if you write it all down for him. There are times you can't just sit back and hope for the best, like now – you don't need all this stress of the worry of your recovery – TELL HIM THIS!!! (Hugs)

  5. But you do have to do it on your own. And it's better than everyone making a fuss. Maybe that's your dad's strategy. Concentrate on your mum, you can talk to her. I'd visit you in hospital but I can't abide the cleanliness. You'll be all right. I'm certain of it.

  6. (((hugs)))

  7. Really push for the overnight stay as it stops the stress inducing rush for a morning op. A tip from my surgeon/doctor about abdominal ops, tea and toast with every thing as it straightens out the bowell and pushes the wind ahead of it and I can tell you from experience he was right on the button.When you get home, all you'll want is your own bed and peace and quiet and you'll probably sleep for 12 hours. Phone, computer, water and painkillers beside the bed. Keep the toilet door open, surprising how much time that saves when you're staggering around.If you really need a mother, I'm available but I must tell you I was a lousy mother.

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