yaaaaaaawn (I’m 3 years old now, meep!)


Boring weekend full of work and more work.
I’m currently fighting with the cat who wants to lick my ipod to death.  I don’t want her cat breath all over it.

The end.


~ by Fen on August 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “yaaaaaaawn (I’m 3 years old now, meep!)”

  1. She's just tenderising her prey before nomming on it.She's going to be tenderising for a while 😉

  2. My, my, what fine whiskers and teeth you can has!Pickles was sitting on my latop keyboard before, sprawled against the monitor. I swear this techo generation of cats is going to be the end of me.

  3. ha ha Jayne she was trying to tenderise my arm earlier, because i was ignoring her!Yup Nic, these technofurries are going to take over the world. Or at least turn on functions we never knew existed & now don't know how to turn off!

  4. Probably best to avoid sucking your i-pod this weekend – does she drool, too?I wouldn't mind sharing mine with the cat, beats sharing my earphones to it with my thieving kids..grrrrrrr.

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