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Yes, that’s you oh boring political parties
Voting is tomorrow today now, I’ve deliberately not watched anything on tv or in the media about it coz I can’t stand it.  This election is rubbish as far as I’m concerned, with the two major parties offering bollocks and doing nothing more than name call and taunt each other!  If you want to read what I think, then head over to Sulky Girl’s blog, she pretty much sums it all up in her own words.  She also gives very good reason for not doing a donkey or blank vote.  I worked in a polling place years ago and I can tell you that blank votes, or votes with stupid pictures or eff you written on them are ignored, no one gives a rats about your carefully thought out abuse or scrawl.  That’s the sum of it.  No one looks at it and says oh this person is funny or whatever, it means your vote counts for squat and that you have no right to complain ever about the government.  So make sure that you put in an effort, no matter what you think of politicians & their respective parties. 
Even though I will have to lose valuable sleep to vote (as I’m a night shift worker in case you didn’t already know), I’m still gonna do it.  I was too lazy to put in an early vote, so it’s my own fault really.  I was kinda hoping that I’d be in hospital by now and that I’d be so drugged to the eyeballs that I would be voting for the Psychoactive Party, but alas, I’m still here plodding along, none the wiser as to when that said day will eventuate.  I do know however that it may well turn out to be 2 – 3 days notice only, but we’ll see huh.
I’ve had to go off the contraceptive pill as it increases the risk of clotting when you’re having surgery.  And OH EM GEE, I haz a sex drive.  Yup you heard it here first, S.E.X..D.R.I.V.E.  I’m very much looking forward to ovulating coz I remember the last time I was off I wanted to hump anything that moved around ovulation time.  Blimey.  That could be interesting.  So it’s official, the pill kills my libido completely.  Sad face.  Maybe I’d get laid more than once in a few years if I could only be bothered and if I could stay off the pill.  Unfortunately it won’t take long for me to remember just why I am on the pill, given that my endometriosis makes it unbearable, but I’ll enjoy it whilst it lasts!!!  Shame I’ve got no one to booty call πŸ˜‰
I’m rambling rather a lot, work does that to me.  It turns my brain matter into mushable mush.  I had my however many month review last night and I was awesome.  Of course! LOL!  This job is dead easy, it’s the dealing with the general public that makes it unbearable most times.  A lot of the time I’m disgusted and embarrassed at how my fellow human beings act and react to things that really aren’t that difficult to work out.  You don’t need to have a PHD to work out how to keep your account active, yet these people have no clue.  If you’re broke, have money problems etc, don’t travel on something that requires you to pay.  Simple enough really.  There are alternatives.  Yep.  Also honesty is the best policy, your made up sob story will cause me to put you on mute and mimic you to my co workers.  That’s me.  That’s how I roll, that’s how I get through each and every shift, because putting up with Joe Public is more taxing than you think.

I’m starving, my “lunch” it at 1am.  I have quiche.  I made it myself *bows*.

I miss one of my closest friends, he’s been overseas for a couple of years and I really miss hanging out with him.  He’s talking about coming out maybe for Christmas, but he will have his current girlfriend with him.  It’s just not the same when there’s a 3rd party involved.  It makes for a different dynamic that I’m usually not comfortable with.  *sigh*  Women are annoying, jealous creatures and because him and I are close there’s always that green monster option that I just can’t stand.  Rest assured I don’t want to have sex with him, but most women don’t get that.  Things are never just simple huh.

I was watching One Born Every Minute on SBS the other night and seeing those women giving birth made me all teary.  On one hand I don’t think I want kids, but then my reaction to shows like this make me wonder.  Given all my medical issues and my age and the fact that I’m such a dunce when it comes to even meeting someone, I really don’t think I will ever have kids.  And please don’t say never say never, coz I’m not, but it’s just a feeling I get.

Anywho, I iz full of quiche and salad now and listening to zee Freestylers.  That definitely brings a smile to my dial, don’t think I’m a miserable old cow, coz I ain’t!!!

~ by Fen on August 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “freestyle noize”

  1. Customer service face to face is bad enough. It must be worse when the customer is just a voice on a phone and they think they have some anonymity. Good on you Fen for voting today. To not vote is silly.

  2. hoi pet. I am one of those useless numbers who is dumb when it comes to paying for my travel.. [and just between you and I, I think paying for roads is pretty wrong.. don't I pay tax for shit like that?]Luckily my work car is all fitted out for me – someone else pays the accounts and ya.. enough airtime on that.The babes? Just because you shed a tear over an emotional 30 second scene doesn't mean you are meant to be a parent.. I cry when I watch Bondi Vet, but it doesn't mean I need more animals or a career change. I am 40 now.. and quite happy still living the single childless lifestyle I have been since I was 20. Well.. 'happy' maybe isn't the word for how I am at the moment.. stressed, paralysed with workload, terrified of financial commitments yada yada.. maybe that is more like it. But truly Fen, life ain't all about babies. Sex drive?! yup yup. Jealous third party ladies? Best thing is to know that if your gorgeous mate loves her, then she is worth loving and you should take the time to love her too. Talk with her over the phone – email before she gets here – start a relationship up with her – find out about her so you are looking forward to meeting her too.xx

  3. A third party puts a damper on things, shuts them down.You're an excellent communicator, absorbing.

  4. Woohoo on realising it's the pill that crushes your libido!! It's toxic shite the pill……hopefully you won't have to take it again? Aw, I'd have loved to have watched that one born every minute….sadly i'm with my babeh in bed cos she's a little miss-feed-a-lot during the night hehe. One day i'll have a life again πŸ˜‰ I cry at so much these days. I read a news stories and cry!! I think it's a good thing…..emotions are obviously easily coming to the surface and you're in tune with yourself for letting them BE! LOVE YOU!!!

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