Voting 2010

So whilst I’m at work tonight, we’ve got the tv on, each of us nervously eyeing and listening to the guff that’s spewing out of it.  At this stage it looks like a hung parliament, so I’m not sure what that means, whether we have to vote again or whether they all join hands and sing a song.  I vote for the latter, or if we have to vote again do it when I’m unable!!
I had to vote when the polling booth opened at 8am as I sleep all day.  I drove down to the school and I shuffled past them all, bleary eyed and with my arms crossed. I don’t accept anything as my mind is well and truly made up before I get there.  I give the hander outers a smile and a shake of my head, I appreciate that they’ve give up their time for what they believe in.  Plus I was an absentee vote so their paraphenalia was meaningless. I had to freakin well queue, standing behind a grandpa who I think had recently bathed in Brut 33, the fumes were making my eyes water!!  I guess at least he made some effort for the occassion!  Thankfully because I was an absentee vote I got to skip the queue courtesy of the queue organiserer and i wandered in, was assisted by two lovely ladies and cast my vote.
Then it was home to bed, I was knackered by this stage and it was heading toward 9am. 
I am very thankful that the Greens have won the seat of Melbourne and that they whitewashed the Senate.  That means at least there is some control.  Hip hip hooray to the Greens!

~ by Fen on August 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Voting 2010”

  1. 'all join hands and sing a song'. Haha, very good.

  2. re Granpa: people over 70 are not legally bound to vote.I am far from my eternally 68%-of-the-vote blue-ribbon LIB electorate, and voted a week ago in Corangamite where it was ferocious.10am The Morning After pill is The Insiders. I cannot repress the image of those four huge black greek-chorus-like women behind as he tried to make a speech without 'victory' in it.We all knew that Bennelong is a collectively-dopey electorate, and now fittingly, they have a matching representative.I voted Senate Green.

  3. Yippie.

  4. wow, Ann, i voted in Corangamite too. Unfortunately for me though, my home electorate is one of the safest labor seats going round.Damn you Jenkins…i voted the greens last in the senate.

  5. YAY for the Greeeeeens!!! I voted Greenies! I hate politics!

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