the world works in mysterious ways

I got an email from my lovely house sitter the other day, telling me she is going to Sydney on Thursday for work.  I laughed and thought, it’s murphy’s law that I will go into hospital on the same day.
So I’ve been slowly getting together all the bits and pieces that I need for my hospital stay.  Yesterday all my books arrived from Book Depository UK as did my dvds from Amazon UK (which took a break neck 4 days!).  I also purchased a new 32 inch tv and set it up, moving my little tv to my bedroom.
Today I woke up feeling grumpy and frustrated.  My endometriosis pain was giving me the pip and I was feeling well and truly over waiting for the hospital to ring me. I fantasised about cancelling the surgery and taking a month off work!  So I bummed about in my PJ’s, paid all the rent I could afford and cleared my bills.  Literally 5 minutes later the phone rang and it was the hospital with my admission date.
I’m going into the Medi Hotel on Thursday for surgery on Friday!!!
I’m a little nervous but happy that things have fallen into place so perfectly.  Slightly amused that of course it’s Thursday, but that can be sorted out easily enough.  So, Friday huh.  Argh.

~ by Fen on August 24, 2010.

10 Responses to “the world works in mysterious ways”

  1. The universe is a cheeky old thing sometimes! Don't bother locking your bathroom cabinet as Ms Snotty has stocked up on Codrals. Do lock up your liquor cabinet if it's packing some bottles of brandy! 😉

  2. Lots of lucky luvvy… :o) xox

  3. Oh, you must feel like a weight is off your shoulders now you have a proper date and not even a full week to wait, too!Thinking of you, break a leg xxx 😉

  4. That's great to hear that have a date and can get the nervy waiting thing over and done with.Wishing you the very best with it all, and I look forward to hearing the good news on the other side m'dear.

  5. I hope you get a sitter OK and wish I could do it for you. Best wishes for your renewed future self.X X X

  6. Good luck, Fen. I hope all goes well. And that the Amazon DVDs were worth the wait. 4 days? Come onnnn.

  7. Another Book Depository fan, I think I almost own that place.Perfect timing for the op though, hospitals always seem quieter on weekends.

  8. Good luck Fen! I'm glad you got your date finally and I hope it goes perfectly for you.

  9. In the 1980s I had an operation for a knife wound and it all went smoothly, even in those horse and cart days. In a few weeks you'll have a scar to show off, prettier than mine.-Robert. X

  10. I can't believe how things have fallen into place so perfectly- from the read of your blog here. Woah. Life is pretty amazing. Hoping everything has gone super smoothly in hossy too petal pie. xxx

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