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I’m pretty tired today.  I also took my last morphine tablet this morning, it will be interesting to see how I go tomorrow on paracetamol alone.  I should be fine, I’m healing more each day.
I had to go to the doctors on Monday & I had a lovely friend offer to drive me around for the day.  We ended up waiting THREE HOURS to see the doctor, my god I was so irritable about that.  Apparently they’d had docs call in sick, but three hours?  I think the thing that pissed me off most was the fact they said the wait would be half an hour.  If they’d said 2 hours or so I could’ve gone and done shopping and had lunch.  But I had no choice but to wait as they had all my surgical history and I needed a form filled out for Centrelink.
So after having it done we went and inhaled lunch.  We were both ravenous by this stage.  Once our appetites had been satiated, we drove to Centrelink.  Thankfully the wait here was about half an hour and it all seemed to go okay.  I haven’t received word as to what or if I’ll get paid, but here’s hoping that one trip was all I have to make to there.  You certainly get to see some interesting sights in that place!  One of them was a girl who had dyed hair that made it look like a flock of seagulls had shat on her head.  I took a pic but it’s turned out teeny tiny:
I almost split my scar open laughing and I unintentionally made everyone else around me laugh too.  She really did look ridicularse!!
Yesterday I hitched a lift with my Nan & her partner up to the shops and did some much needed grocery shopping.  I had asked the docs the day before how long before I was allowed to drive and he told me 6 weeks.  Pretty annoying, however I will obey his instructions as I’m sure I won’t be covered by insurance if I drive now.  So with my Nanna trolley in tow I did all my shopping and walked the 15 minutes home.  I was knackered when I got in, but it was good to know that I could walk the distance.  Today I’ve been super tired and had to have a Nanna nap in the arvo, but it’s all good.  I think I’ll start walking a short distance each day, to get my body back into shape.  I’ve now got Bio Oil that I’ve been rubbing into the scar and this should help keep it a bit more supple.  All my scabs have now fallen off and things are improving daily.

~ by Fen on September 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “out & about”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been so interested in your blog and I'm really impressed that you would share these experiences with us. I will keep dropping by to keep catching up Em – melbourneplaces

  2. Thanks Em. I'm an over sharing kinda gal!!

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