the ridicularse

Centrelink have just told me it takes up to 21 days to process sickness benefits.  WTF.  What on earth do they have to do that takes that long?  I’m gobsmacked, but not that surprised.  Too bad my last pay was 2 weeks ago and it was half a pay at that.  Bleh.
I’m going back to the docs of hell this arvo, I’ve developed a lump in my arm which may or may not be over a vein.  My Dad put the fear into me by saying it could be a blood clot, so he’s coming to pick me up and we’re wasting our lives away waiting at the doctors for the night!  I’m hoping it’s not a blood clot, it’s not big whatever it is, but it’s sore and I’ve been feeling odd the last few days, so better to be on the safe side huh.  To be honest I just wish it would piss off, I’ve had more than my fair share lately and I can’t be bothered with any more.
On the upside, I’ve been reading lots, I’ve done some gardening and cooking.  The cat is LOVING having me home, she’s so adorable. I am totally in love with this little unit that I live in, whilst it’s not perfect it suits me very well and I’m very comfortable in it. I’d love to buy something like this in the future.
The last couple of days I’ve had parcels arrive really early.  My parcel delivery guy is a slack bastard, he tears up the driveway, jumps out with the engine still running, shoves the parcel in between the flywire door and the main door, rings the doorbell and runs back to his van and takes off poste haste!  It makes me laugh, but it’s not a very secure thing to do.  Am I not meant to sign something?  Who knows!  Anyway, one of my parcels was from my UK husband and it contained dvds, cds and gifts from Amsterdam.  I got a little teary when I opened it.  Today I got a parcel from my old flatmate and it contained a liver plushie!!!  So cute!  It made me laugh.
I’ve been slack with watching all the tv shows and dvds that I collected before my surgery.  I just can’t seem to settle to watch them.  Maybe it’s coz my couch isn’t the best, I can’t really stretch out on it.  Or maybe that’s just a shitty excuse!  Maybe I just have ADHD. 😉

~ by Fen on September 17, 2010.

9 Responses to “the ridicularse”

  1. Where abouts is the lump? Could it be where they had the drip or something? I know from previous ops, that is what usually hurts the most…especially if they stuff around with it and can't get it in properly.Centrelink. Say no more. You'll probably be back at work by the time they pay you. :o/

  2. You've got itchy feet post-surgery, it's typical.I'll swap nursing you for Dad any day!

  3. Mmm it's about 2 inches from a drip hole site, it wasn't there a few days ago so it's a recent addition.Jayne i've definitely got itchy feet/cabin fever/whatever it's called.

  4. I'm betting it's got something to do with the drip then. I still to this day have a lump from the last time I was in hospital.Fingers crossed that's all it is mate.

  5. It is reading I can't settle to. I should have knocked off a couple of books over the past week, but I just get through the newspaper each day.

  6. ok been to the docs, it's some sort of vein damage and a non dangerous thrombosis of some sort. I have to get some over the counter cream to rub into it.I also asked about driving and the doc said if I've got airbags (not funbags) then I'll be fine, it's the internal damage they worry about & airbags will help protect this.So yeeeeeeeeeeees. Baby steps, I'll only go short distances and not allowed to exercise yet, but yay, I can leave the house!!

  7. The fact you can even THINK of some exercise, staggers me! Glad you had the lump checked out, one thing less to worry about, eh? Sucks about the non-existant payments – sheesh! Seems that mog of yours is doing a grand job of looking after you (smile). I never knew you had a UK husband!

  8. How awesome is the liver plushie?!I'm glad to hear the lump isn't too awful, and it sounds like you're healing so well now! Airbags and funbags might give you double the motoring protection!

  9. Today is Saturday so I hope before the driving test, you tried the brakes to see how much strength you'd need. My Dad had cancer and drove around quite happy swigging his bottle of morphine until one day he couldn't put the brakes on, came home and didn't drive again. He did like to sit in the car in the sun from time to time.

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