hospital – the hat trick

So as you would have seen from my last post, things weren’t looking good for this little Fenstar.  By late Wednesday, after visiting the doctor again, my Dad picked me up and we headed down to St Vincent’s Emergency Department.  I spoke to the triage nurse and she took my vitals.  I noticed that as well as being short of breath, my heart was racing too.  Needless to say they were concerned enough to only make me wait 5 mins in the waiting area and then I was taken into an emergency cubicle.
A doctor came and saw me and discussed all my history and told me I’d be sent for an xray in the next little bit.  He was concerned about pulmonary embolisms (P.E.) too, as well as pneumonia and something else I don’t remember.  The xray was for the latter two and he said in the morning I’d be given a full CT scan.   He also did an ECG to see how my heart was doing, which was okay apart from the tachycardia.  I had the xray after a little wait and it came back clear. So I was taken round to the short stay unit and settled into a bed there.  I was hooked up to the full heart monitor this time and as it was a lot quieter, I quickly snoozed.  It was about 2am by this stage mind you.
The following afternoon (I think it was around midday) I was sent down to Imaging and had a full CT scan with contrast, checking out both my lungs for P.E. and my liver.  Later that day the results came back clear for P.E.’s  but that I still had the fluid where the liver had been removed.   This was pressing on my diaphragm and right lung and also causing my heart rate to escalate.  After consultation, my specialists decided that they should put a drain in and have the fluid removed.  It was lateish in the day by the time this was decided, so I was moved up to 7 West and into a normal hospital bed.  I slept pretty well up here, I think coz I was so knackered.  However I was woken at 6am for bloods and obs and didn’t really go back to sleep again.
At 8.30am I was told Imaging were almost ready for me.  2.5 hours later I was still sat on my bum, waiting.  I was also entertaining thoughts of pulling out my drip and absconding from the hospital.  A good friend dropped by and convinced me this was a bad idea and I stayed put!  Patience never has been my strong point and I was feeling frazzled as well and grumpy and hungry. (I’d been fasting since midnight!)  Eventually I was wheeled down to have my ultrasound.  It was here they decided that the fluid was too much behind my lungs and that a drain would only worsen things as they would’ve had to have gone through my lungs to get to it.  This introduces all new problems such as lung infections, fluid in the lungs, pneumonia and so on.  So it was decided that I wouldn’t have this procedure after all!!  I was happy not to have another procedure but also confused as to what lay next.
To cut a long afternoon short, my specialist eventually decided that if I was comfortable going home then I should go home.  He explained that I will still get short of breath etc, but that the body would dissipate the fluid itself, it would just take some time.  I’ve got an appointment in outpatients in a few weeks for follow up and now I’m home and happy!!  Please, fingers crossed that is it, coz I’m well and truly hospitaled out!

~ by Fen on September 24, 2010.

12 Responses to “hospital – the hat trick”

  1. how absolutely terrifying to be hooked up and alone in a huge hospital at 2am … bless friends and fathers who rally.Friend was right to talk you out of the drip rip. First, it hurts when it comes out, and then there is lots of wasted blood.The photo is lovely BUT 'pale and interesting' is only a good look if one is not actually recovering from serious health care.You must absolutely Rest.Nothing else is important.Do NOT go roaming Docklands like HighRiser is.peace and love from here

  2. Hope you get well soon! You look oddly calm, peaceful and serene in that pic!

  3. Ever so relieved it's NOT a P.E…but still concerned that there is NOTHING they can do about it?? I find that rather strange…to just send you home in such a state.Am so sorry you've had to go through all this crap mate.. I can imagine how scared you must've been, as well as being impatient with the waiting…I know what you mean…I hate waiting around.Keeping my fingers crossed for you… xox

  4. Thanks Ann, I will definitely be resting. As for young Highriser, he's MAD!!!Thanks Andrew, that was before the impatience kicked in!!Yup Ute, that's about it as far as they're concerned. They could operate again, but I guess they won't do that unless it's an emergency.

  5. Sounds like your recooperation is going to take time Fen – it was a tricky and serious procedure. You need LOADS of rest. Not easy, I know but look after yourself. Thank heavens they've actually worked out what has happened and that they haven't put you under a procedure that would have made you worse. You know why you were feeling awful now – the morphine was masking it, wasn't it?I'll talk to Robbie on the weekend to get his fatherly perspective on how you're faring. Thank goodness it's the holidays and that he's on hand.Sleep and rest lots – you need heaps of kitty cuddles. Thinking of you – have my fingers crossed you'll be feeling miles better very soon.E xx

  6. Glad you were seen and it's been sorted šŸ™‚ Pamper yourself xxx

  7. Well, you did know know something was wrong, as I knew today and sure enough, I have a hard and red area below my navel and I guess infection. Damn it being the weekend. Not sure what I will do. The photos of Docklands were taken pre op.

  8. So sorry to hear you have had such a hard time with your recovery fen…I hope from now on it goes much more smoothly for you….rest, rest, rest…get friends to come & keep you company when they can, read, watch rubbish telly, sleep…Big hugs & fingers crossed you have no more dramas, you have had more than your fair share,thinking of you,janinexx

  9. Oh hon, what a shitty ride, I'd be at the end of my tether too, with all the messing around you've had to endure. I sure hope things start to settle down soon (AND that you finally get some of that long over-due cash sorted out).Sending hugs and healing thoughts.

  10. Bloooooody hell, I'm just speechless with all you're going through during this nightmare. And it must be stressful for Tamika Squeaker wondering why her mother is home, not home, home, not home — give her some scratchies from me xxx.

  11. It is good to hear that you are home and that rest should cure the problem in time. – Em

  12. Thanks Enz.Jayne, plenty of beach visits for me!Thanks Janine, if only they'd put something good on tv ;)Shrinks yeah it's become a saga, but hopefully that's the last of it!Cranks – Tamika the squeaker is very happy to have me back home, she was all over me again, poor darling.Thanks Em.

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