after the rain comes the sun

Yesterday I decided against spending the whole afternoon watching the Grand Final and instead I went to the shops and purchased some basil seedlings and some mulch.  I pottered around my little garden for some time and spent as much time in the sun as possible.
I came inside and watched the final quarter, joined for the last 10 minutes by my friend Harvey, where we shouted at the tv and then stood in disbelief as it ended in a draw.  Another week of football?  Please, give me strength!
So we then decided to high-tail it down to the beach for the sunset.  The weather was quickly changing, with big black clouds pressing in and as we headed over the highway fat drops of rain hit the windshield.  Undeterred however, we drove on and ended up down at Black Rock and witnessed a reasonable sunset & rainbow.
rain storm & then the sun appears
searching for gold
Black Rock Sunset
I ADORE the beach, especially after being cooped up so much for the last month.  The smell of the salty air rejuvenated me and the wind whipping through my hair made me feel more alive than I’d felt in a long time.  It was a struggle to leave in the end.

~ by Fen on September 26, 2010.

7 Responses to “after the rain comes the sun”

  1. Great beach therapy for you. Good that you made the effort. I think we saw a rainbow at just after six. On the background of the tv news was also one, so I will guess yours was at the same time too.

  2. What a lovely beach to end up at :)Erck on the footy.

  3. i'm currently spending about 3 evenings a week at mentone beach. Can't get enough of it

  4. What stunning pictures!

  5. Yes – stunning photosand bless Harvey and I'm pleased to hear you got some ozonotherapy.yes. the foopball.oh wow the W V is PrimPigoink

  6. Oh, what a beautiful spot – the photo's are wonderful. No wonder your spirits were lifted. Let's hope Harvey drops round again soon!

  7. Lovely! i used to live in Mentone on a street just behind Beach Road and I would love going down to the beach at different times of the day and night. My favourite was very early morning (often hadn't been to bed) when the water was absolutely still and glass-like. Gorgeous.

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