monday moo

No wait, what…it’s October already?  I’m pretty sure I’m still imagining it’s August.  Hah!  September was pretty eventful for little old me.  3 hospital visits after major surgery and the subsequent recovery.  I’m doing really well.  I’ve decided to up the ante with my exercise as I need to get back into shape.  The only thing I’m happy with is my scar, the rest of my body is flabby and gross.  I’m definitely not going to want to put a bikini on at this rate!  I’m still having shortness of breath, but that’s going to continue for a little while yet, I’m happy knowing what’s causing it, that I’m not going to pop my clogs any time soon!
I was sitting in the backyard in the sun the other day and daydreaming.  I suddenly thought how good it was not to have a gnawing pain under the right side of my ribs!  Now that all the pain has gone from my surgery I’m seeing the benefits.  No horrible pain, no reflux, less reactions to foods.  That said I still have to be careful what I eat, given my gall bladder was also removed, but hey, NO PAIN!!!!
I’ll be back at work in 3 weeks, that’s a scary thought!  I’m desperately hunting for a counselling job, I’ve got a handful of applications currently in the pipeline, but I’m not holding my breath.  Ideally I’d not have to go back to my crappy job, but somehow I know this is wishful thinking. 
I still need a haircut.  It’s been about a year, or more. I’m still too scared in case the hairdresser f*cks it up like last time.  I’ll continue looking like a damn hippy for the time being.
Meep meep!
black & white cat

~ by Fen on October 4, 2010.

7 Responses to “monday moo”

  1. You give me faith.

  2. Lend me half your energy lol.The warm weather will make you feel like a million bucks 😉

  3. So happy you're happy. Glad that the pain has finally started to up and eff off. Is that your kitteh? Love the photo. :o)

  4. Faith in what Andrew LOL! ;)Jayne I don't have loads of energy, I'm just using it as wisely as I can.Ute yes that's my baby, isn't she lovely!

  5. She's gorgeous! Oh, and I hear tell the darn hippy look is all the rage this season..No pain, this is good – exercise? Not so sure, isn't it a little early for all of that?

  6. Holy crap Fen!I don't log in for a while and miss so much! I've just been catching up on your posts.I hope you're much better and send you all the best wishes.You've got the right frame of mind and hope you'll be doing cartwheels before long.

  7. aw thanks Dave. I hope I'm doing cartwheels!

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