slow down

Tomorrow is 2 weeks until I go back to work.  I really don’t want to go back, I’ve been enjoying this lovely time off.  However bills and things are piling up and I need to be earning some real money again.  The shame.  I’d have never thought that this 2 months would have gone by so fast.  I honestly thought I’d be hugely bored and that I’d have cabin fever.  But as it has turned out I’ve really enjoyed my time off.  I’ve read a shed load of books, watched hardly any tv/movies and caught up with various people, including hanging out with my Nan every other day. I’ve done a lot of gardening and my house has never been so spotless.
I’ve also been looking for a proper job, for a counselling job, to put my degree to good use.  Alas there doesn’t seem to be a great deal out there at this stage, but I shall plod along and something will come up at some time, I hope.  My current job isn’t too demanding and I’m beginning to think that it would be okay to be there over summer as I get plenty of days off and I’ll be able to spend lots of time at the beach.  That’s the lazy side of me speaking.  But I guess we’ll see what happens eh.  I just wish I knew more people in the counselling game, because a lot of those jobs are through word of mouth, once you’re in the bizz it becomes easier to move within it.  Just gotta be persistent I guess.
My health has been really good, still healing well.  I had a couple of days last week where my scar knotted up and was giving me absolute agony, but I read that if you massage it, it will loosen and so I did this and it worked.  Eventually the knot eased up and made it more bearable.
Ooh the first Chilean miner is in the rescue capsule and it’s being hauled to the surface.  How exciting for them. I’ve had the tv on ABC News 24 most of the morning, waiting for the rescue to really get moving.  I can’t imagine being trapped underground for so long, I’m sure I’d lose my sanity pretty quickly.  I hate going in lifts in case I get trapped.  Aw the little son of the first guy coming up is crying, it’s very emotional stuff!  The wife, bless her, is holding a video camera!
Aw the first one came up and I got all teary. I’m such a sap when I see anything emotional!  Apparently one billion people are watching around the world.  It’s nice to think that they’re all sharing some empathy for those people involved in this historic moment.
Anywho, it’s grey and drizzly today, the weather reminds me of being in London.  Though the clouds always seemed a lot lower in the U.K. I was out in it earlier and as I walked quickly through the drizzle I was almost transported back in time, memories came flooding back to me.  I really do miss the U.K. Another thing about getting a proper job is I might be able to save some dosh and go back for a visit at some stage.  One can only dream.

~ by Fen on October 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “slow down”

  1. Glad you are healing up gradually.. it all takes time. Amazing how fast time is moving though. Can't believe we're in October. :o/Just added ya as a mate on Goodreads. ;o)Ooooh, I've had the telly on about the miners too…it's on neary all the channels. But I missed the first miner coming up…bugger. 'Spose it'll be on the news.Take care matey!

  2. Oh yay, I added you back.I know October already, I'm sure someone's pressed the x 2 button on this year!

  3. Watching it here, glad to hear the miners are coming out and you're almost better than before xxx

  4. I love the sign you made for this post!I was trapped in a lift last week in Sydney. I had to be brave as I was trapped with a client who was composed, but her workmate was flipping out. I was almost at the stage of bitch-slapping sense into her, Flying High style. Not fun when it kept creeeeeeaking down all by itself and not letting us out!

  5. I had tears when the first guy came out. I can't wait for the guy to come up who's wife and mistress is waiting for him.

  6. Just make sure to put me on your visiting list when you do eventually make it back over here again, yeah?I know what you mean about your profession working by word of mouth. My big sis' has a successful practice on the mainland, but would LOVE TO move over here – she's kind of trapped tho', as she can't risk starting over without the contacts she's built up.Great to hear you are healing – take it easy on your first few days back, eh? The news brought a tear to my eye, too – fantastic to know they are about to all be rescued, can't imagine how they dealt with such a horror!

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