Things I just don’t get…

  • 4square/the equivalent on facebook – great for stalkers, but I simply don’t care that you just ‘checked in’ to McDonalds/Starbucks etc. All it tells me is your life is sad and you eat shit food
  • Runkeeper/other similar programs – I don’t give a flying rats how far you’ve just run and how long it took you.  Why do you insist on telling everyone?
  • People who have BIG rants on twitter – it’s 140 characters for a reason – get a freakin blog if you have to continuously do multiple posts
  • People who over process photos.  I was there, I saw it in real life, your photos are so far removed from what the view actually was it is ridiculous.  Clarification point – I do like obvious stuff such as the stupid apps that iPhone users have, but I’m talking about people who have painstakingly corrected pictures in photoshop.
  • Vegans.  I will never ever be a vegetarian or a vegan, please don’t force your stuff onto me.  You’re bordering on being like those religious fanatics.  Seriously. What I put into my own body is my business. Thanks.
  • Why counselling jobs are so difficult to find. Psychologists ARE NOT counsellors, they don’t even do a counselling component in their training unless they specifically ask to. Same with social workers, they’re not counsellors.  So why are all the counselling jobs asking for SW or Psych degrees?  This country is so backward.
  • Elderly people who aren’t fit to drive but still do. No shit, every time I go out in the car some elderly person targets me in their car with their questionable driving.  Today one tried to merge into my lane whilst I was in it. There seem to be a higher proportion of elderly in this area and they all seem to want to drive.  That makes me scared.
  • Glee.  It’s crap. End of story.
  • Why I can’t find a summer play thing. Am I past my prime already? 😦
  • Why the character of Sherlock, as played by Benedict Cumberbatch appeals to me so much. Maybe I am attracted to sociopaths.
  • Why I’m so scared of internet dating… has anyone else done it? Am I being scared for good reason?

Anyway, I’ve had enough of things I just don’t get.  Instead I shall wander off and read all your blogs whilst keeping my eye on the episode of Sherlock that’s currently on tv.  I have seen them already, but I can’t get enough of it to be honest.

(edit 22.48) WAIT: I thought of another one:

  • That woman who smashed her car with SEVEN kids in it.  THREE of whom were in the boot.  Not to mention she was UNLICENSED and DRUNK.  I just saw her on the news now, crying and saying how now she’s got 3 kids in hospital to worry about.  Oh well I’M SORRY. Maybe you should have thought of these consequences BEFORE you got behind the wheel/allowed SEVEN kids into the car.  BLOODY NORA.  Some people should NOT be allowed to have kids.  Oh and apparently the driver woman is a FOSTER CARER.  What hope do these poor kids have?

    ~ by Fen on October 18, 2010.

    7 Responses to “Things I just don’t get…”

    1. .. wtf is this 4square? Are you talking about that, "So and so is…. at Bunnings"?…I got a 'friend' on FB, and they seem to post their Twitter updates on there too, and it's like, WHY?!?! Half the stuff I can't even understand, with all this, @ RT shit….Guilty of over photoshopping. Im ugly, I need all the fuckin' help I can get! …Totally get the vegetarian rant. I never know wtf to serve up to my brother and his lady. Potato bake gets kinda boring after three meals in a row. :o/…Elderly drivers. SO COMPLETELY Agree….Glee- Ditto….Summer plaything. ;oD…internet dating= be as careful as you would be normal dating.It can work. My mate married her guy.

    2. Yeah Ute, 4square is the equivalent twitter one to the stuff that appears on FB. I find it bizarre.I'm not talking about portrait photoshopping, this is landscape stuff. So overdone.I wouldn't be able to cook for vegetarians, I can't eat most veggies anyway coz my body can't handle the fibre LOL!

    3. I tried FB once, lasted all of a week before I took my profile down – it scared the shit out of me.. everyone I'd been successfully avoiding tracked me down in there!Never heard of Runkeeper, but I wouldn't be surprised if hubby has a secret account in there ('cos I sure as hell don't want to hear his bragging).I don't twitter.I'm with Ute on the photoshop thing, wait 'til you get old – bet you'll change your mind!Ha! You think that's bad? Try hosting the Christmas feast for two sisters and their families – one is all vegan, the other strict vegetarian, and then there's mine -all complete carnivores (we each have our table, I jest you not)!!God help those in need of council if they land up with a social worker for help. Every one I've met has been stark raving bonkers (and having an autistic son, I've met far too many of these useless b******s).I invoke the fifth on commenting about crap drivers (blush).Never seen Glee, sounds like that's probably a good thing.Past your prime? Nay, never, Bonny Lass.. bet that cute nurse is simply pining for you to get back in touch – maybe you've just been laid up and out of action for too long, you'll soon get back into the swing of things.Internet dating is probably as safe as picking someone up in the pub.. meeting someone new is always risky, but hopefully the sane folk out-number the loonies, so the odds SHOULD be in your favour!I rest my case re social workers, I mean she WAS presumably first vetted by them to become a foster carer?(God, the things I find to do to put off scrubbing my shitty loo's!)

    4. Ahh, the rants aren't limited to Twitter, there's many on Facebook too. Usually really obvious frivilous ones about the milk running out too.There's even pre-programmed ones where whingers can just like groups along the lines of 'I Hate it when my Chips are underneath my Chicken Parmigiana' and 'I used to love you. Now I hope you die in a hole. Funny, isn't it?'These are actually things to 'Like'!!!!Unfriend these people before it's too late.

    5. *hands Fen a new pair of crankypants* :-)Ditto all you said, and I looked at someone using Facebook the other day and someone gave someone else a shovel or something for a farm. WTF is that about? Internet dating is full of morons with the internet, deceptive fuckers and garden-variety sickos, but can do the job if you're clear about who/what you are and who/what you're after. The raving loonies tend to filter themselves out pretty quickly.

    6. I have noticed that '…. just checked in at…' Um, I couldn't give a shit???And internet dating – go for it. I mean, it frustrates the shit outta me cos there are so many guys on there who a) don't know how to write a good profile (or write at ALL, full-stop; b) don't know how to chat online or c) are complete drones… you really gotta sift through the bad stuff, and even if you meet a guy who you had a decent chat/email with, sometimes it just don't click.But worth a crack – go on, open a profile on Oasis Active and see what happens ;-)xx

    7. I'm a vegetarian turned flexitarian, in that I'll eat fish and free range chicken because I couldn't stomach tofu 7 days in a row. I've found vegans to be rude and ferocious, food terrorists. Don't try to argue with them, you'll just put your blood pressure up.

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