I’m back to work tomorrow night 😦
I’m positively dreading it. I just can’t be bothered dealing with nitwits.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk about it to be honest.  Anyway, can’t do much about it really and the income will be welcome.
Just gotta keep the search going for a counselling job.  *sigh*
I went shopping today and spent a ridicularse amount on groceries, eating is such a waste of good money.  I even had a strange supermarket experience! I was loading my trolley of stuff onto the conveyor belt, behind a nice little old man who was halfway through having his trolley of stuff scanned. A random lady with a bag of fresh beans pushed past us both and gave the bag to the checkout woman asking her to put them through. The checkout woman looked confused and said ‘oh are you with him’ (the old man) and she shook her head. I politely suggested that she go through the 15 items or less checkout as they were empty! LOL! Freakin’ queue jumper.  The 3 of us were quite shocked and kinda stood there with our mouths open for a bit!  The supermarket was chock full of oldies today and I smiled at all of them and said hello to a fair few.  I really love old people, unless they’re behind the wheel of a car near me!!!
I need to try and stay awake as late as possible tonight… time to reset my body clock.

~ by Fen on October 27, 2010.

10 Responses to “noooooooooo”

  1. You should have given her a kicking.

  2. ha ha ha I should have. But sometimes I get dumbstruck at how STUPID some people can be & it renders me statue like!

  3. I hate those people… they really are just trying it on, aren't they?! Normally I'll let someone through if they appear helpless and all sad eyed…I'm the one who offers. But someone who huffs and tutts, or acts superior, I'll tell them to go to the express lane. I mean, wtf dude?! D'aaaaaw, you've had a LOOOOOOOOOOONG break mate… you're gonna be fair knackered from your first shift! Hope it's not too shitty.

  4. She was definitely trying it on Ute. I thought she was going to go in front of me after the little old man was done. That I can cope with, but nuh uh, she was delusional!

  5. Living proof that a life form can exist whilst having its head shoved up its own orifice.Hope the beach is cleaned up soon!

  6. Beyond Blue / Crisis Support Services are always looking for more counsellors (telephone)

  7. That time has gone so quickly and I'm sorry you have the return-to-work funks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a great counselling job comes up soon!

  8. thanks Kiki. Beyond Blue telephone counselling is in the Western Suburbs, way too far away for me. Besides which they have ridiculous requirements for their jobs:Candidates must show: an honours or postgraduate degree in psychology, OR eligibility for registration as a mental health social worker, OR eligibility for registration as a mental health occupational therapist or mental health nurse AND completion of a mental health/abnormal psychology elective as part of their universitycoursework.I'm a COUNSELLOR, not a social worker or a psychologist (who don't do counselling subject normally anyway). Sorry, but it's a pet peeve of mine. Social workers and psychs aren't counsellors, end of story.

  9. I think mebbe the lady might have had some iss-ues.. I mean – who goes to the supermarket for just beans!?What 'area' are you drawn to work in Fen? Women? Men? Yoof? Aged care? Families?We'll keep an eye out for a job for you, pet x

  10. turns out it's Crisis Support Services, not BBbut missus does the drive to the west each day, and we live just near you. she gets there quicker than i train to the city

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