Damned Funk

I cannot find any motivation.  Not one bit. The funk that descended upon me before I started work has solidified.  I had all these plans, I was going to start swimming this week and maybe go to a body balance class, but nuh, I can’t find the energy to leave the house.
The logical part of me says it’s just my body re-adjusting to working nights, to go easy.  But the irrational side is pissed off that I’m still working in this job that I don’t like. I get so despondent whilst looking for counselling jobs that I feel like I’ll never be able to leave this soul sucking place.  I heard today that the Liberals will pay to have a welfare officer in each and every school if they get voted in in Victoria. Whilst that could be a very good thing, they’ll probably put stupid requirements on the jobs.  Like you have to be a psychologist. Psychologists (unless they choose to pick a counselling module & very very few do) do NO counselling as part of their training.  NONE. It’s all theory on how the mind works and mind numbing stats.  That’s the reason I didn’t do psych, because I wanted to do face to face counselling, not read stuff in a freakin’ book.  Social workers do a small amount of counselling, but again, not much.  So why can’t this country get itself together like New Zealand and the UK and actually DO something for its counsellors, recognise them for the skill set they have.  At this stage we’re not even covered by medicare, something I find completely ridiculous.  Given how prevalent mental illness is in todays world I honestly think we, as a society, need all the help we can get. 
At least I’ve had a shower today, that’s a step up on yesterday.  I know I shouldn’t complain, I have a job, I have an income, yes all good.  But if you knew just how shite that job really is, how 3 years of dealing with dickheads has worn me down, then you’d know that I just need to get out and move on.  Do what I’m TRAINED to do.  I’m a damn good counsellor.  Just because I haven’t had years of experience doesn’t mean I can’t do it.  Give me a job already 😦

edit: found a perfect job in a school, will apply asap. Thing is schools are required to advertise, even if there’s someone in the job, so I may be applying in vain.  However I did hear that the Libs promise to introduce another 150 welfare workers into the state’s primary schools.  I hate the Libs, but hey, it could mean I get a job. Besides, they’re right, Labor has done nothing.  Even their federal mental health pre election stuff was a big fat joke. This country is so backward when it comes to dealing with mental health issues in the community.

more edit: I forgot to add that my heart goes out to Lily Allen who lost her baby at 6 months pregnant. It kinda makes me mad that they call it a miscarriage, because she would have had to have given birth to her little stillborn boy.  I studied the movie Losing Layla for grief therapy and boy did it impact on me. Any woman who has to go through something like this deserves all the respect in the world.  Lily Allen, may you grieve and recover young lady.

~ by Fen on November 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Damned Funk”

  1. If I had the $$$, I'd pay you to counsel meeeeeeeeeeee! What DO you exactly do btw? At your job where you are? Or is that too nosy…

  2. naw it's not too nosey, I work nights in a call centre, inbound customer service. It's an easy job but it's tedious & boring. It's not what I'm trained to do, it was a stop gap job to give me money whilst I studied, then whilst I was waiting for surgery. 🙂

  3. Oh, yes, that's what happened to Mboy, too. He was told to take a job in removals, whilst waiting to get into work he really wanted to do….was stuck doing that for 3 long years. :oSHope you get the job you really want soon. :o)

  4. It sucks when there's no good funk but only a bad funk — I hope a great job comes up soon because you deserve one and and you'll make a difference to many people's lives. Please 'cuse me while I return to my own piece o'crap funk. I sent my proposal to the visionary last week and got a response saying, "Thanks so much, leave it with me as this will be a surprise to the team." Righto. Whatever.

  5. Thanks Nicole.A surprise to the team? What a strange thing to say, that can be taken in so many ways! I'm keeping everything crossed for us both… something has to come up sooner or later.

  6. Good luck, Fen!

  7. (((HUGS))) Give yourself a break hon, you of all people must know this is a rugby-tackle from the post-surgery blues – hardly the best of times to evaluate your life! Hang on in there, give yourself some space to bounce back, eh?Oh, and I wouldn't hold the UK up as any shining example as far as metal health care goes – During Thatcher's reign they closed down all the Psychiatric hospitals, heralding their new brilliant, fantastic, wonderful "Care in the Community" policy. 'Course, no funding came with it. Now we have no availabe beds to house those in acute need of treatment – a great deal of whom are now literally homeless. Never mind, at least the prisons still step in, eh?

  8. Yeh Carol that's exactly what they did here, though it's not called Care in the Community. Same outcomes though. But I studied in the UK and the counselling network is far better set up over there, trust me 🙂

  9. I see Liberal Ted has promised that students in primary school will learn a second language. Brilliant, they can't get enough teachers to teach English.

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