boredom personified

Oh yes, boredom.  I’m currently at work and all of our systems are offline, apparently this is going to be the way all night.  I say they put a message on the IVR telling people that we’re broken and that we all get to go home.  Alas, no, we still have to get shouted at by customers who think that we’re doing this on purpose, just to inconvenience their ever so important lives.  I wish I had that much power, I really do.  This kind of behaviour makes me think of those poor CBA workers who have been spat at, threatened with violence and verbally abused because the bank put their interest rates up.  It disgusts me that people think that it is acceptable to treat a fellow human being in this way.  At least in my job I can hang up on someone, I can’t imagine being face to face with someone who’s threatening you.  Golly.

I’ve been feeling a tad better this week.  I found 2 really good jobs that I will apply for and cross all available bits that I at least get to the interview stage for.  If not I shall have a big fat tantrum.  I will even attempt to go swimming this week.  Promise.  I’m even debating getting one of those kick board like things to swim behind, coz it’s really my lower half that needs most of the work!  We’ll see.  I’m so broke at the moment, in fact now I think about it I might not have the dosh to pay entry to the swimming pool.  Oh the horrors.  2 months of no pay has finally caught up with me, I’m hanging out for pay day next week, though that is only going to cover my rent.

I keep dreaming about an ex of mine, it’s more the sex that I’m dreaming about than the actual ex.  But it’s beginning to bug me!  GET OUT OF MY NOGGIN. I’m too lazy to find someone to have sex with, I work all the wrong hours.  No can do, so shut the f*ck up body, you ain’t getting none!!

~ by Fen on November 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “boredom personified”

  1. I'll just sit back and wait to see the offers roll in.

  2. hahaha, you're wrong young man, so very wrong!

  3. I'm keeping everything crossed for a great job for you!I've got three weeks' salary and two weeks' annual leave and that's it. I wish Lord Monkey Butt would pay me out and walk me so I can job hunt full time.

  4. I dream of being able to go swimming but the logistics of getting there from my place is a pain in the butt. Why don't you go into private counselling? Blimey every blogger I know is a raving lunatic and we could all benefit from unloading on you. You could set up a little blog called 'The Shrink is in'.

  5. I'll make the tea and sit with Andrew :PGo walking until you've got the moolah for the swimming pool, it's cheap and effective.I'll correct JahTeh's claim…I may be a lunatic but I'm only raving on special occasions 😛 Try the private hosps 😉

  6. Well what's it cost to enter the pool, three dollars? How could you be that broke?Congrats on dumping romance, I'm on the square myself.

  7. RH it costs just under $6 and considering I've just had 2 months off work with NO pay, I'm surprised I was able to afford to pay my rent today.

  8. Come off it, ladies like you are never broke.

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