confusion the waitress

It’s funny, I was showing a colleague my flickr stream the other night and I got so nostalgic. I wish I could find the time and motivation to do self portraiture again.  But apart from my uber cool scar, I’m hating upon my body right now.  I swam yesterday and later today I will go walking. Working night shift again is absolutely killing me.  My body clock is up poo creek. 
Also, I wish my neighbour would smoke INSIDE their own house, I’m sick of my house getting stunk out by their smoke wafting through when I have the doors and windows open.  Bleh. 
Ha ha I started this post days ago and promptly forgot about it.  Typical really.  My body clock is still floating somewhere in an effluent filled tributary.  I wish I could change to days, however working nights means 3 x 10 hour shifts.  If I did days or evenings I’d have to do 8 hour shifts and work an extra day.  Which is not what I want to do!  So until I find myself a shiny new job here I stay.

I was bringing my bin in on Friday, up my 200m long driveway and I noticed ‘things’ jumping and flying away from me.  Then it dawned on me, these things were locusts!  Bloody nora. Not heaps of them, but enough for me to notice and get worried about my little veggie garden.  I will have to invest in some netting methinks.  It started raining big splotches of rain as I arrived back at my house.  As I got inside what appeared to be a freakin tornado literally ripped through.  I had water coming in through one of my light fittings, the gutters were spewing waterfalls and my bedroom flywire screen ripped off and tried to fly away. I was peering out my front door and I’ve not seen anything quite like it, the trees were almost bent double.  Then after a couple of minutes it was all over.  Weird. Love it.

Driving in to work tonight it was raining steadily, miserable and dark.  I was surprised at the number of dark cars that didn’t have their headlights on.  95% of people did, but every car I saw without headlights on was dark blue or black.  Morons.  The other day I had a laugh, Alma Rd was closed for some road works and there were 2 of those electronic signs warning drivers of the closure.  Both said “Amla Road”.  Ah, duh.  Then there was another one on the Nepean Hwy that was advertising some sort of mattress sale, but it didn’t say where the sale was.  There were no shops anywhere near this sign.  More confusion!

Ha ha ha ha I forgot to post this. It’s Sunday afternoon now, I just woke up in my usual haze of disorientation!  I desperately need to go and get me some food as I have bugger all in the house, but I’m too tired still.  I need me a fairy godmother! 😉

~ by Fen on November 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “confusion the waitress”

  1. Your neighbour probably isn't allowed to smoke inside… unless of course, it's their own unit?Most places are non smoking now. We stopped smoking voluntarily in our own home around 12 years ago. And we never smoke in anyone's place. It feels nawdy to do so.Weather is freaky lately hey. It rained the whole time we were away, but according to my old's, it never rained here in Radelaide.

  2. both neighbours (side and back) own their own places, so i guess they don't like smoking in their own homes. Fair enough. But it irritates the f*ck outta me, the smell's not so bad, it makes me sneeze and go all hayfevery.

  3. Hope your house got sorted by the landlord after the deluge?

  4. Haha! The 'no lights on because I can see where I'm going' thing that owners of road coloured cars have just astounds me every time I nearly run into one!!Happy travels!!

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