bugger off

I found a locust in my garden.  It wasn’t eating much, it seemed to be sun baking!

fkn locust

I hope that we don’t get the plagues down here, I want to sample my home grown tomatoes!

~ by Fen on November 17, 2010.

5 Responses to “bugger off”

  1. EEK!Not the home grown tomatoes!Netting is all I can suggest.

  2. Love this photo, Fen.There's a plague up in the Mid North here in SA. Don't know whether it'll make it's way down this far. Hope not.I remember when I was a kid and there was a HUGE plague… was scary as a kidlet getting them stuck in ya hair whenever you went outside! Ew!Dad tried taking a photo of us kids running through them…but you couldn't see them!

  3. Yeah Jayne, I will invest in netting if they start appearing in big hungry hordes!Thanks Ute. I would screech if they got stuck in my hair, I'd do a dance on the spot and shriek!!

  4. I remember a season of them in plague numbers in West Gippsland. I think we had fun with them and a pop gun.

  5. Great photo thta, what!

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