question time

No, not parliament, this is a Fen question.
I’m wondering if any of you have lied on your resume/CV to get a job?
Personally, I never have, but I’m wondering how prevalent it is out there.  I’ve asked around and it seems that yes, people have.  The general consensus amongst the yesses is once you’re in the job you will learn it, so a few small lies don’t hurt.
I’m a terrible liar and I can’t stand people that lie all the time, but honestly, I’m wondering if bending the truth isn’t such a bad thing after all.  Whether I’d ever do it, no idea.  Maybe if I really thought it would help, but I’m not sure it would.
I’ve been applying for jobs, answering horrid key selection criteria.  I’ve been told that a lot of people pay others to write these for them, so how is that a fair playing field?  I know I’m damn good at what I’m trained to do, but with little experience I feel so disadvantaged.  It’s literally hours of work for each job application I do and to hear nothing back is a little depressing.  Also I think it’s rude.  A simple thanks but no thanks email would suffice, an acknowledgement that you actually put time and effort into jumping through hoops. Nup.
I have a dinner guest tonight, I’ve been cooking and preparing all arvo. In between Nanna naps!  He’s someone I consider to be my little brother, so it’s always lovely when we catch up.

~ by Fen on November 29, 2010.

9 Responses to “question time”

  1. No.And seeing as though I have sfa experience, it would definitely show if I did lie.Completely get the disappointment in regards to the no reply thing. Mboy applied to literally hundreds of jobs back when he was looking, and out of all of them, he recieved maybe two replies? It's shocking behaviour if you ask me.Hope your dinner is successful! :o)

  2. Painting yourself in a good light is perhaps a nice way to describe it. I would like to think it is not necessary, but if everyone else is doing it???

  3. UPDATE – I have an interview on Friday, eeek! Now I have to find something decent to wear and all that jazz!

  4. Woohooo!!! You go grrrl.Good luck!xox

  5. I've never lied as you never know how a resume is stored and if you'll apply to the same organisation in future with different credentials!I've helped a couple of people with selection criteria responses, and I've told others it gets too expensive for them and too draining for me. I can't stand them in any capacity. All the best for your interview Friday. You deserve a great job in your field of study so I'll be keeping all fingers, toes and paws crossed xxx.

  6. Yay on the interview!As for fibbing on the resume – don't do it.Yes, you will probably pick up the skills you previously stretched the truth about but you could also end up looking silly if you're caught out and there goes your reputation and standing.Always state you are interested in blah blah area/look forward to expanding your experience with the company/gaining further knowledge in their excellent facility, etc. It butters them up and shows you're willing to do further study.Good luck for the interview!

  7. Thanks for the input and good wishes folks.I don't think I could ever lie on my resume as I'd have trouble remembering what I'd said, I have trouble remembering what I've really done in life anyway. Hah!Anyway, i'm too fat for all my clothes so I'm gonna have to go shopping tomorrow to find something to squeeze my fat arse into! LOL!

  8. Good luck!No problem in bumping up your strong points. Even massaging the factsA LITTLE is expected.Out and out lying will soon get found out. I've been on both sides of the table. I recently got called up asking if a such and such had ever worked here – they hadn't – they must have cribbed of a mates resume. I'm thinking they didn't get the job.Pushing your good points, being quiet on the bad is what you need to do. Also, I highly recommend looking up types of questions you'll be asked – that will get you in the right head space and you may even get to throw a few well rehersed zingers back at them.Oh, and lastly, remmber you're interviewing them as much as they are you. Ask them questions too.Good luck!!

  9. I've always told the truth under oath; a foolish thing to do: police lie under anything.

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