oh, i need me some sleep

When I get ultra tired I also get ultra anxious.
I had 3 hours sleep yesterday, followed by an interview. Right now I’m feeling wired and edgy.
The interview went well, though I kinda got the feeling they were looking for someone with more experience, however I guess they liked something well enough to give me an interview.  It was sort of torture however. A glimpse into an alternate reality, somewhere I’d like to be.  Then at the end of the day I ship off to my shitty old job with the same irritating people, what a let down.  One of my friends is leaving tomorrow, we trained together, so it’s especially poignant that he’s leaving.  There will only be 2 of us in our original group left.
I’m so very desperate to get out, yet I know these things have to happen of their own accord.
I’m just ever so tired.  Of this job and from lack of sleep.
But I have been enjoying these storms, if only they’d stop awakening me from my slumber mid afternoon!  The humidity can take a flying leap however!!

breakfast time

Me & TheMoo having breakfast in the sun, before bed time!!

~ by Fen on December 4, 2010.

10 Responses to “oh, i need me some sleep”

  1. It's humid 'n hot here too. I hate it.Fingers and toes are all crossed for the job! :o))

  2. Fingers crossed for you.WV = reest…a rest in NZ 😉

  3. thanks ladies!

  4. You've graduated late, that's the trouble. Ask them straight out to give you a chance. Lovely portrait of you. Mediterranean.

  5. graduated late? what does that mean?

  6. Hi Miss Moo!Humidity sucks, and makes my hair look like Helena Bonham Carter's on a windy day.

  7. I crave your pardon Miss Moo, I understand you've qualified just recently, and I'm not well acquainted with these things but know most people get their diplomas (whatever) in their early twenties.Lovely portrait of you, I think of Venice, 16th century.

  8. ha ha Nic, my hair just looks ridicularse!!! Miss Moo says hello, she's in trouble because she's going to have to go to the vet this week, self inflicted wounds. Hmpfff.R.H. I get ya, however it's more desirable as a counsellor to be 'older' as you have more life experience to draw upon. In the UK they wouldn't accept anyone under 25 into the course. And thanks for your comments about my pic 🙂

  9. Or is it Madonna del Granduca? In Mentone, 500 years later.

  10. (Sorry, I assumed Miss Moo was your pet name, now I realise it's your pet's name.) Yes, a minimum age of 25. It makes good sense.

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