What a load of crap

I just read an article in The Age, stating that the books they researched cost less when buying them from Australian stores, versus online (overseas) stores such as Book Depository.  I was immediately skeptical and did the research of the books they listed themselves, on their website article, using Booko.

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth by Jeff Kinney

2. Lazarus Rising by John Howard – ok this is an Australian book so I would hope that it was cheaper to buy here…

3. Life by Keith Richards.

2 out of 3 = EPIC FAIL THE AGE
I need to sleep now I’ve finished my 10 hour shift, but I’d be interested to see what other books are on the “Aussie bestseller list” and if they’re cheaper.

~ by Fen on December 5, 2010.

7 Responses to “What a load of crap”

  1. Meh, me and my hip pocket let the local library purchase them for us lol, but, yeah, The Age trying to claim the lack of taxes, perhaps?

  2. yes possibly Jayne. The library is good, however I have this funny thing about wanting to own books!

  3. Well the old rodent, he's Lazarus alright. I see they've cut the top of his head off, gives him more authority.

  4. shame his brain doesn't fall out RH!

  5. I've bought a kindle for hubby's Christmas – silly boy, when I skirted around it to feel him out, said, "No way do I want one of those, under no circumstances whatsoever, please don't get me that." Which makes it the perfect gift of course, since he misses the point that it is actually for ME.I hear it's cheaper to download ibooks, plus you don't lose them or run out of storage space, either. I'll keep you posted (grin).So how the hell are ya'? Seems ages since I last checked in..!

  6. see Shrinks, i'm stupidly old fashioned and I like to HAVE the books on my shelves! It's silly really. Here's hoping you get lots of use out of it!!I'm really well thanks, plodding along, yanno!

  7. The Age, really, REALLY? No way.I use Booko regularly – which is why I almost ALWAYS buy my books via the Book Depository (or Sepository as I like to call it).I refuse to buy anything from Dymocks because they supporting getting rid of territorial copywrite (bad bad bad for writers) and fully support gouging the Aussie reader.People vote with their wallet. The more folks realise what deals they can get (I showed my mum Booko for the first time on the weekend) the more the Aussie book retailer will become an antique.

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