So I didn’t get the job, they didn’t even bother to ring me like they promised they would.  Instead I got a completely impersonal email, not even from them but from the Department, via the job application website thing. 

That makes it my fourth rejection this week. *sad face*

I’m not surprised, just disappointed. 
I’m sure they probably interviewed 5 – 8 people, how hard is it to ring those who were unsuccessful?  Obviously very hard.  
I’ll just have to keep applying and hope that at some stage someone will give me a go, despite my lack of experience.
*le sigh*

~ by Fen on December 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “nein”

  1. That's the trouble today. Lack of common decency. So sorry you missed out. Am sure the right job is just around the corner for you… :o)

  2. Sorry to hear that – is there any way you can contact them to get some feedback about your interview?

  3. Poop.Their loss, the silly idjits!

  4. Fenstar I'm so sorry.You're better off without them.

  5. Chin up. Ever thought about setting up your own counselling service? Everybody seems to need counselling nowadays.

  6. Thanks everyone.Andrew I'd love to set up my own business, however that requires money, something I don't have much of.

  7. That sucks totally. I feel your pain! I'd just finished my degree when we moved to Melbourne, I applied and was interviewed for seriously about 25-30 jobs and was knocked back again and again. In the end I got a casual relief job with the very first place I went for an interview for…..but they all said I was rejected due to lack of experience and lack of local area knowledge.I hope you get something ASAP! Move to Perth if you can't…..much easier to get jobs here.Love Brooke xox

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