the joys of being a woman

This post has been kicking around in my head for some time now, well in fact I did a post similar to this a while ago, however I’m incensed again (and given that I’m at work and tired, this rant may or may not make a lot of sense, apologies in advance).
It seems that more and more women believe that their genitals are “ugly” and are undergoing labiaplasty to have their genitals “fixed up”.  Research points to the fact that the porn industry portrays womens labia as a neat slit, yet the majority of womens labia doesn’t actually look like this.  Recently there was an article in Mamamia (link NSFW) about this, pointing out the fact that Australian law demands that all labia that aren’t tucked away be digitally altered (or HEALED) to resemble a ‘single crease’.  So women and men are growing up thinking that this is the norm and this is what all women should look like down below.  This disgusts and infuriates me.
Then tonight in The Age I read an article with the heading “Women worried by genital ‘abnormality’“.  This article goes on to say that “A study of almost 800 women revealed that 75 per cent did not like their partner looking at their genitals during sex because they feared their body parts would be a turn-off. Forty-seven per cent were so concerned by their appearance that they were considering having some form of vaginal ”rejuvenation” surgery, such as a labioplasty operation.”
WTF!! Has this world gone mad??? 
Not only that, I read an article in which a plastic surgeon said that flat chested girls should be allowed to get boob jobs under Medicare because it would lift their self esteem. Double WTF!  So flat chested girls are all depressed about the size of their boobs?  Well if they are maybe they should be given free counselling to deal with their self esteem issues, because I can guarantee the issue goes further than having small boobs.  I’m damn proud of my small boobs and there is no way in the world that I would ever get a boob job just because they weren’t porn sized.  Nor would I get a labiaplasty just because I didn’t fit some warped ideal.
I know I’ve posted about this in the past, and I’m posting it again because it makes me so angry that women are going out getting these types of surgeries to fit some unattainable ideal.  Fucking ridiculous.  And don’t get me started on the ridiculous trend of having no pubic hair. I’m all for people having choices, but I’ve HEARD men/boys/whatever they were say how disgusting a girl with pubic hair looks.  I feel the opposite, if I remove all mine I think it looks just weird, pre pubescent.  Not attractive to me, nup.

So ladies, embrace your body for what it is and please don’t let magazines or the porn industry dictate what your body should and should not look like.  Because we come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes us unique and wonderful.

IN FACT…I’m going to cut and paste my older entry on this as I think it’s a pertinent discussion.  I get hundreds of hits on that one entry alone each week, so I know that someone is reading it.  Mind you it’s probably because they’re searching for more questionable content, but if the message gets across then so be it.

(warning – before you scroll down too far, there’s a NSFW pic below… just a heads up!)

Last night I viewed a documentary that had been on SBS during the week and I’d missed it. It was called “The Perfect Vagina” and it originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK.

It left me utterly shocked and angry at the state of the world today. According to the show, labiaplastys have increased by 300% in the UK, making them the fastest growing cosmetic surgery. There was one young girl who opted for labiaplasty because her friends teased her so much about how her vagina looked. For some reason these people think that unless you have a hairless button hole like what you see in porn, then you’re some sort of freak. This girl was subjected to huge ridicule and taunts, yet when you saw her vagina it looked normal. Sure, she had some labia protruding, but what the heck, who says you can’t? Who says that the pre-pubescent look is more visually enjoyable than anything else? To see what this young girl went through, all because she didn’t have the desired look made my stomach churn. The absolute pain & discomfort for THREE MONTHS, just so she could please her friends. They didn’t show her “finished product” but I wonder how scarred it would look and how much sensation she’d have lost.

Back in my day, no one seemed to care about what someone elses vagina looked like, it’s not like we didn’t discuss intimate things, we just didn’t seem to be that concerned about what ours looked like. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I was even that aware that people thought anything external was unusual.
By far the most interesting part of the show was the vagina casts made by artist Jamie McCartney. These showed just how diverse the vagina/vulva is and how no two look the same, despite what may be portrayed in magazines and porn.

image © Jamie McCartney

Another sad aspect of the show was the women, that for religious purposes, wanted their hymen “repaired” so that when they got married they were considered virgins and bled as required. I cried when I heard one of the women saying if she couldn’t get hers repaired she’d rather die than bring that sort of shame onto her family. She’d lost her virginity to a man she loved, who betrayed her and now she needed this second chance. Ugh.

Anyway, if you get a chance, watch it, it’s fascinating and shocking at the same time. I wish women would just accept their bodies for what they are and learn to love their bits.

~ by Fen on December 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “the joys of being a woman”

  1. I would have thought that the 'natural' is what turns guys on. It certainly has for quite a few centuries. Isn't the whole arrangement with the 'bits' a turn on? Ah, what would I know. I suppose body image started becoming an issue thirty years ago. This is taking it to the extreme.

  2. Fuckin' Amen Sister!I saw that doco too…how sad that most women can't accept what they've got. Actually, scrap that, how sad that society can't accept it.As for my little slice of tuna, I couldn't give a flying fuck what any bloke, or woman thinks… especially since I can't even see it. I gave up a while ago trimming the flange. Bring back the bush!!!! :oDAnd… if flat chested women are allowed to get boob jobs, then when can I get mine reduced? Last I heard it wasn't free on Medicare.Great post. xox

  3. Agree with every word. And I saw a show on SBS a couple of weeks ago featuring French women talking about their sex lives.One 23-year-old was in a clinic having her g-spot injected to increase its size so she could discover it. WTF? Surgery before self knowledge? I am so tired of women hating themselves for natural body sizes, shapes and functions.

  4. Whoops, just fact checked and that was the show you saw as well.

  5. Sexy is enjoying what you've got, and glorying in it! I can think of nothing more off-putting than having a partner squirming over their naked appearance – where the joy or fun, in that? Some (in the west) simply need to get over themselves – as to the other cultural female oppresion thing – sadly yes, that's a whole 'nother can of worms, for that I do weep.Hope you find Christmas is filled with laughter, fun and wild, abundant love!

  6. Hear, hear, Fen. I reckon they is ALL good. In all seriousness, I do worry that my daughter (and sons, for that matter) will be subjected to this B.S. when they reach the right/wrong age…

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