Why I will never again shop at Harvey Norman

Gerry Harvey is a whinging idiot in my opinion.  As too are all the other billionaire businessmen who are bleating that the Government should charge those of us who buy online from overseas 10% GST.
They just DON’T GET IT.  They think that by charging us 10% that we’ll all come flocking back to buy their ridiculously overpriced goods.  Nuh, it ain’t gonna happen Gerry Harvey et al.
Me personally, I buy online because of the MASSIVE savings.  Adding a 10% GST charge would do bugger all to dissuade me from buying my stuff from overseas.  Especially with books.  Consider this.  When I was studying and when the AUD was far far from parity, I wanted to buy a specialist counselling text book.  I looked at the stores here in Australia, to find that they were retailing for around $120.  In other words, it was damn expensive.  Then I went to Amazon US and found the exact same text book, INCLUDING SHIPPING, was around $25 AUD.  So by all means, add your 10% GST, it’s not going to stop me from saving an absolute fortune by buying my stuff overseas.
My online shopping days started when I lived in the UK and I regularly shopped online via Amazon or Argos, or even got my groceries through Tesco online.  It was cheaper (well ok not the groceries), far easier and well, just simple to do.
So to Solomon Lew, Bernie Brookes and Gerry Harvey, kiss my online, overseas buying arse.  I’m not going to buy from your stores anymore and I hope that more and more people out there get savvy to the online/overseas buying experience, because until you realise that we’re not all dumb and that we’re sick of paying through the nose for products then you deserve not to make money off me.
You retailers I would assume buy at wholesale imported prices, so realistically you should be able to beat those prices that we’re paying online, but no, you’re all far too greedy for that.  You’d much prefer to screw the public over.  In addition, your argument shows many holes when Australian online companies such as Appliances Online can offer whitegoods at discounted prices, beating  your  crappy deals, with FREE DELIVERY & INSTALLATION.  It just makes a joke out of your pathetic sooking.
As a side note, I didn’t hear you all bleating when K. Rudd decided to hand out stimulus cheques and you made a fortune out of the newly cashed up bogans buying their plasma screen tvs. Oh no.
I hope that the government shows you the big middle finger, I honestly do, because that’s what you damn well deserve.

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
it’s interesting to read the comments at the end of articles 1 & 2.  I say we have a revolution!

reposted/edited to add: Hey Gerry you wanker, maybe YOU should start by by buying in your OWN country, hipocrite.


~ by Fen on January 6, 2011.

8 Responses to “Why I will never again shop at Harvey Norman”

  1. And who started buying goods to sell offshore first? Now we manufacture very little. The online purchases from overseas sites is very small. They are just trying to stop it growing. Perhaps they need to think of a better way to stop people buying online.

  2. Actually, I recall Gerry Harvey complaining in the press that the stimulus payments were a waste of time cos he wasn't seeing much of the dosh being spent in his stores.Boo.Hoo.The poor poppet has SOL and needs a good apperient to shift whatever ails him.

  3. Many many moons ago, I worked with a big advertising industry company who were trying to get Australian retailers interested in the potential of online shopping. Granted, it was an immature market at the time, but the attitude of large retailers was simply neanderthal. They didn't get it then, and they still don't get it now.They all seemed to have this mantra that 'the customer wants to touch the product' – obviously that's absolute crap, the customer wants the best value possible, end of story. If that involves going into a bricks-and-mortar retailer, then that's what the customer will do!Even now, on the Harvey Norman site, you can browse product, find the things you want, but there's no way to actually buy! Oh, so maybe that's the reason they're not selling stuff, duh!

  4. Gerry Harvey makes more from the interest commissions on the buy now/pay later deals than product profits, so he can kiss my wobbly white arse, too.

  5. I would buy in Oz if they would remove the GST on books. Even then I would still get a better deal from the Book Depository.

  6. I love how Gerry Harvey is now backing away from all of this!

  7. Haha, a great big HIGH FIVE to you girl! I shop virtually EVERYTHING on-line (including my Tesco shop). Living on a tiny island, I'd be stuffed without the net – how the hell did we ever manage before (shudder)? Harvey and his ilk must adapt, we have CHOICE now, his gravy train is fast losing steam!

  8. No, they don't get it. It's lazy, stupid thinking; it's another manifestation of not taking responsibility and blaming everyone/everything else. The British Phonographic Institute and their allies (blaming their reduced income on 'illegal downloads') have the same problem.

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