My area had its hard rubbish collection some months ago.
So why do residents insist on STILL putting their unwanted stuff on the nature strip?  It’s not just unloved old TV’s, it’s couches, tables, chairs, it’s almost everything you would put out in a hard rubbish collection.  It’s not just here either, I see it all the way into the city on my drive to work and I noticed it around Brighton/Elsternwick when I took my car for a service last week.
Photo by my lovely flickr contact Mark Klotz
Are people really that lazy and sneaky that they simply dump their crap out the front now?  Not only is it unsightly, it’s also unsafe.  
In fact now I think about it my neighbours did just this a few weeks back.  They’d had a black office chair sitting out the front of their unit for a week or so, then magically one morning it was out on the nature strip.  I had half a mind to wheel it all the way up the driveway and dump it back on their doorstep again.  Lazy gits.

~ by Fen on January 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “rubbish!”

  1. Nice rant!

  2. What is even funnier, is the desperados who come along late at night, and steal that shit!We put out our old lounge suite last year(on a designated day)… we've had it a good ten years, or more. It was ripped to shreds(we had covers over it) and it had sunken… to say it had seen better days is an understatement.Anyhoo…. soon as it got dark, up rocks this dude with a trailer attached to his ute… he has a torch. We peeped through the bedroom window, and he was SNIFFING the fucking lounge! I shit you not! :o/He took it.All we can think is he used it for his dogs or summink. But sniffing it?! Wtf?We had to ring the council early the next morning, to explain why the lounge wasnt there to pick up.

  3. The councils are in a no win situation. Residents complain about junk on nature strips but if council picks it up all the time, then the 'just stick it out the front' process will be legitimised.

  4. The piles are identical whatever the postcode – that photo looks like one I passed a block away in Rye this afternoon. There are old TV sets on nature strips all over Victoria as we speak.Look on it as recycling, as I do think doglovers nick old couches for their pets.

  5. Thanks Rilestar!LMAO Ute that's um, horrid! What a weirdo, though I guess they didn't want it reeking like smoke, hah, or wee!Andrew I agree fully with you, but I just don't get why people think this is acceptable.Ann the pic is from Canada methinks, it's certainly not from this country. But I guess it's repeated worldwide. It's only recycling if someone else claims it, lots of the stuff I've seen has been there for weeks, if not months now.

  6. You need to direct your neighbours to Huntingdale Station, Fen, where they've found it is the worst dumping area in Melbourne.Maybe they can get a train out of town while they're there… 😛

  7. In the article that Jayne posts they state that Werribee Station is second.It is hard to believe that there is any place worse than Werribee.Each day soilded mattresses and other items that are clearly rubbish and could not be resold by a charity are dumped in front of the charity bins. The good items left there are rifled through by thieves who on sell the top notch stuff at markets.The solution? An charity drop off compound monitiored by CCTV that can only be entred by having your car rego or your face photographed.That unfortunately is the state our our civil society.

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