All hell broke loose

Just before all hell broke loose

I took this pic tonight as I was driving to work.  This is at the Centre Rd/Nepean Hwy intersection.  I could tell we were in for a wild ride, I never guessed just how wild it was going to get.

I got to Elsternwick and the heavens opened.  I quickly decided that I would pull in at the McDonalds on the corner of Glenhuntly Rd, so I parked and fled inside.  Within a couple of minute there were waterfalls coming into the store via the light and airconditioning fittings.  The mostly teenage staff began to panick and run about like headless chooks.  I told them to turn off the lights and fled back to my car.  I sat in there for about 10 minutes, debating what to do next.  Glenhuntly Rd was a torrent, with the water rising fast.  The Nepean Highway was also flooded, so I eased out onto the road and inched my way up to a friends house & pulled into her driveway.  Visibility was about 2 metres if that, and the road was at least 3 – 4ft deep in water.  I rang my friend and asked if she was home, thankfully she was and I went up to her apartment.  I spent the next half an hour here, hanging out and peering out the window at the storm.  I could see the road was still flooded, I watched a guy walk up the service road, up to his knees in water!
Eventually it seemed like things had eased off, so I set off again.  I was a bit anxious, but what could I do.  I needed to get to work and I figured turning around and going home was pointless as behind me was probably the same as ahead.  So I pressed on.  Brighton Rd was carnage.  Trees down, flooded in sections, cars easing their way through.  But we kept going and made it to the intersection of Punt Rd, Dandenong Rd & St Kilda Rd, the lights were on flash.  Here I could see the traffic was gridlocked, so I made a nifty maneuvre over 6 lanes and took off up Punt Rd.  I figured it was hilly here and things would be a bit better.  Punt Road was moving well, still very wet, but we were going faster than I had been previously.  I turned left into Domain Road, then right into Anderson St, then again stopped because visibility was atrocious.  I waited another 5 mins until the rain eased and headed off again.  From here the drive in was uneventful and flood free thank goodness.  I got into work 2 hours after I left home!!!
I was listening to 774 ABC Melbourne on the way in and listened as they said that most of the roads I used to travel into work were 4ft underwater.  Queens Road, Kings Way, St Kilda Rd, all flooded and blocked.  The Monash was flooded, Eastlink was flooded and my Bayside area had copped the brunt of the storm.  I hope my little house didn’t leak and that my cat is high and dry!!  It’s on a slope so I know it won’t flood, but it has leaked before.  I guess I’ll find out when I get home in the morning.
Queens Rd – no way would I drive in that!

~ by Fen on February 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “All hell broke loose”

  1. Wow, I never knew Queens Road could flood. Never has before. What a trip you had!

  2. Jaysus H. Christ!Wtf is going on with the weather?!Hope all is safe and sound at home, Fen. :o(

  3. I've had a crappy week on public transport, but last night the heavens opened up just before the station in your suburb, and I saw flash floods down the hill to the shops. Amazing. I was so glad to get home only marginally late and get the hell out of the weather.

  4. Was glad to hear you made it in to work last night, had visions of you stuck in Maccas til morning.

  5. Andrew same here. I'm still a bit flabbergasted. I drove up there tonight and could see the golf course was still flooded.I think Mummy Nature is grumpy Ute, she's letting us feel her wrath! All good at home, though my Nan's house flooded & she's away for a week. Bleh.Nicole I can imagine what you saw, it was pretty impressive! Glad you got home ok.Jayne, I thought I might have to sleep in my car LOL!!!

  6. Newport got a fierce downpour, the RH Temple of Extreme Thought had a moat around it in about five minutes.I know the Elsterwick MacDonalds, my best pal and his girlfriend lived nearby in Selwyn Street. One afternoon we were all sitting in MacDonalds and he said something insulting to her. She stormed off and we thought she'd gone. He was still chuckling when she reappeared from behind and crashed him on the head with a metal MacDonalds tray. He kept that tray for years, it showed a perfect impression of his cranium.

  7. lol RH, she was one tough lady! And so was his head!

  8. Just incredible.

  9. Jeez girl, I can't turn my back on you for one moment, can I? That would have scared the crap out of me, I have no idea how you kept such a calm head. Glad you are safe and sound, what an experience (shudder).The weather is crazy thesedays, hope you've got the worst of it over.

  10. She likes a challenge, likes adventure.

  11. well you are certainly 'drifting into' something there, but it is not 'into the sound' unless you mean Old Puget Sound, or Long Island Sound.

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