what would YOU do?

An acquaintance found an envelope containing $1500 in the street one day recently.  There was a slip in it with a bunch of first names and amounts and that’s it.  It appeared to be money for people’s pays.  The person asked me what I would do with it and I replied that if I could not work out where it had come from I would hand it in to the police.  My conscience simply would not allow me to keep that sort of money.  $20 – $50 maybe, but not that much.  I said to the person, if you lost that sort of money you would hope that someone else did the right thing and handed it in wouldn’t you?
We asked around a bunch of other people and the replies were quite varied. 
What would you do?
See I believe in karma and that if I didn’t hand it in that something would happen to me.  That’s just me.  I once found one of those key card holders with $1000 stuffed into it along with the key card.  I handed it in to centre management in the shopping centre I was in and later got a phone call from them telling me that a very very thankful woman had claimed it, she’d withdrawn the money to pay for some of her husbands hospital bills. I was glad I did the right thing.
So blog pals, would you keep it or would you hand it in somewhere??

~ by Fen on February 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “what would YOU do?”

  1. I would most certainly hand it in. I believe in karma too. What goes around comes around. If we all did the right thing, the world would be a better place. Everybody needs money, regardless of how much or how little you have.

  2. I'd hand it in of course but for me, the larger the amount, the more the temptation. I might try and justify it to myself by thinking honest people don't get around with large amounts of cash on their person.

  3. Sounds like it could have been tip money…. 1st names only. I've handed in wallets/purses before… but a wad load of cash with no way of finding the owner? I don't know…. it's never happened to me before, so I guess I can't say.

  4. I'd hand it in, and I'd hope others would do the same if I ever lost something of value. My biggest find was a high-end camera and lenses in Sydney during the Olympics. I handed the kit to an official, but my only regret is perhaps I should have gone to the police station as I never found out if the official handed it in.

  5. I would have handed that $1500 to the police, after leaving that information at the place I found it.Last week I put down my purse with $400 cash in it. left shop without it. Realised 15 mins later and phoned them immediately. They found the purse, empty, flung under a display.I hope the person gets a disease.I know somebody who found a real diamond necklace at that Grand Central hotel in Spencer street, in the drawers of their room when they checked in. they handed it in but they never heard from the grateful loser, and when they called much later, the hotel denied all knowledge of it happening.funny world.

  6. Any owner collecting lost property from the police could find quite a bit of it missing.

  7. Yep Shazzy, couldn't agree more.Honest people may not Andrew, but bloody old people do. I'm always telling my Nan not to have so much money in her purse.Yes Ute, it sounds like tip money, never thought of that. Ooh that would have been fancy Nicole, I bet the official kept it /cynicAnn that's terrible, I'm so sorry someone did that :(RH yes the police may do that but at least the gesture of doing the 'right thing' is there. It's not on my conscience then, it's someone elses.

  8. I would have to hand it in, I couldn't live with myself thinking about people who would need it for food.Mind you I have left a number of 20 cent pieces on the ground in case someone needs them more than I do.

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