olden days

I picked up the last of my boxes from Dad’s last week, they’ve been up there 6 or so years!  There wasn’t much of value in there, but I did discover a whole lot of photos, remember those days when we actually printed them? N’aaw.  So I did a collage of them.  They’re probably only exciting to me, but if you’re interested you can click through to flickr and read the tags.
old stuff collage

~ by Fen on March 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “olden days”

  1. He he he… some of the older stuff the Old's send me is truly fkn awful. But then, sometimes there is a gem.I love looking back at the old days.I hope Kitteh and your new puppy can become great mates. Our Baxter and Smokey were the best of mates. But then Baxter did want to eat her at 1st!She cried for him when he passed away… she really missed him. :o(

  2. old photos are wonderful. the cat one is the best of course.You are lucky to be getting that puppy and I hope you share him with us a lot.

  3. Oh wow, you have some true beaut's there, photographs are priceless, aren't they?

  4. the cats is the best one. there can never be too many photos of cats.

  5. How great to rediscover photos! I'll be interested to see how the cat copes – I'm sure they'll get on eventually!

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