I’ve had a busy and relaxing few days. My good friend, Lauren, came down from Sydney on Sunday night and we’ve been hanging out and catching up.  I hadn’t seen her in 5ish years and she’s had 2 kids in that time, so it was awesome to see each other again.  We did a bit of shopping, a lot of eating, sleeping in and I even went and got my nipples re-pierced…. FINALLY!!!

My lovely cousin and his fiance gave birth to a baby boy on Monday, which is exciting news.

I haven’t seen the baby as yet, but there’s plenty of time to do that.  He’s got gorgeous pouty lips!

I am well and truly fed up with work (as usual). I’ve been having rostering issues for a few months now and just as they seemed to have fixed it up a week later they f*cked it even more royally than they’ve ever done.  I am DESPERATE for a new job, I’m considering anything (as long as it pays similar), not just counselling jobs as I really really really need to leave.  I have old fashioned values and believe that if you’ve been somewhere for so long (especially somewhere with such a high staff turnover) that you should garner some sort of loyalty or something. I dunno. My work just like to sh*t on everyone and I’ve had enough of being that person.

If you’re not on my Faceache you probably didn’t know that I no longer have the puppy. Well I don’t. I don’t really want to go into it here but I’m comfortable with the decision I had to make.

I’ve been offline for a few days now and I am slowly catching up on everyone’s blogs. I need to go get some food, there’s bugger all in the house and I’m hungry. *sighs*

~ by Fen on March 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “Happenings”

  1. 'scuse me, but wtf is a 'P.I.E'? Other than what you eat…Awww, cute lil' bubba!!! They are just so perfect when they're brand new, aren't they? *scritch*

  2. Partner In Evil!They're gorgeous when they're little then they grow up and become adults! LOL!

  3. I think nipple piercings are a good substitute for a dog!Sorry to hear it didn't work out – I'm interested to hear more one day as I was thinking about getting a puppy myself…

  4. The human baby looks cute, my clucky days are far behind me *snort*.Hope you're able to get a job you like soon.

  5. I'm sorry about the sucky stuff and you know what's right for you.xx

  6. What no puppy? Bugger. You ate it, didn't you? (Staring through slitty eyes..)

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