Matters of the Heart

So, ah, I’ve been having odd chest pains.  It started a few weeks ago and to be quite honest I thought nothing of it.  They were mild, I thought it was a muscle or something.  Then at work last week I had a bigger pain that really hurt and felt uncomfortable, but it wasn’t that bad.  Once again I didn’t actually think much of it!  But then last night I had a really big lot of pain and I was about 30 seconds away from calling an ambulance when it all stopped!  I was lying on the floor by this stage, having a little teary and I thought bloody nora, if I ring them and it’s nothing I will be so embarrassed, so I left it. 
The pain was quite crushing, like someone had the middle of my chest in a vice. The pain radiated into my back and up into my jaw.  It freaked me out to be honest and given my Dad’s side of the family have a history of heart disease I took myself to the doctors today.
I’ve had a barrage of tests including an ECG and a heap of blood taken, plus I have to wear a little heart monitor with 7 leads for 24 hours.
Matters of the Heart!
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve had a heart attack but then I don’t really know what the heck is going on.  One thing I do know is that I am well over my body and its ailments.  Why can’t I just get a common cold like everyone else huh?
I also found out that little Cooper died last week.  He had a virus or some sort.  I’m pretty upset that the little man is gone, he really was a cutie and he didn’t deserve that 😦
So tomorrow I will get my blood test results and they will send off the monitor readings to a cardiologist for interpreting.  Maybe he’ll do an interpretive dance?  Those take 2 weeks to come back. Oh and my ECG today was normal however my blood pressure was high, or the diastolic reading was.  Not that I know what that actually means, but given I’m on beta blockers my blood pressure should be low if anything.  MEH.
Anywho, if everything’s good I will be going to the ABC’s Comedy Bites night tomorrow night, I need a laugh!

~ by Fen on March 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “Matters of the Heart”

  1. This sucks.I'm really surprised that they haven't kept you in hospital. They are normally pretty careful when it comes to heart attacks. They want to observe you, and should be able to get all the test results then and there.Both my Dad and Mboy have had heart attacks. Dad has had a few actually, and a tripple bypass, plus stents etc.I can imagine your fear… I'm thinking of you.xoxox

  2. yeh well I didn't go to hospital so I guess oh I dunno. I don't think it was a heart attack and probably neither do they! My Dad's got a stent too, he had a 90% closure of one of his arteries, his Dad died from a heart attack.I'm ok now ta, if it happens again I'll be miffed, but then maybe it should happen whilst I've got my litle box on!!!!

  3. Hope you're OK – sounds like angina to me as what you describe is exactly what mu Mum had. Can be controlled with drugs.Sorry to hear about Cooper.

  4. I suppose I would have done as you did and put off calling an ambulance, but we know if we suspect a heart problem, let the paras decide if it is or not. Sad about Cooper. You did the right thing.

  5. Yeh Scott it could well be angina, might know more tomorrow!Andrew my problem is I don't want to be a burden, even when I went twice to Emergency last year I felt like I wasn't sick enough to be there (when I was!).

  6. Could be angina, but please call the ambos next time!Hope the results are ok xxxWV = resten, something you need to be doing (easier said than done)

  7. thanks Jayne, I am resting atm, I'm on my days off so that's handy!

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