quick update

Well my heart tests came back normal, which is good.
My liver however is another story unfortunately. My liver enzyme readings were very high and my blood wasn’t clotting the way it should be, as well as my sodium being low, which is to do with the liver as well apparently.
So next week I’ll go back and have the tests repeated, and we’ll see how they go.  If they’re still abnormal I’ll have to have liver scans again.
Oh joy.
And well if I have chest pains again I have to call an ambulance, lol. I have ambulance cover so I’m not worried about that, just of being a waste of time pain.
Anyone know where one can purchase a new body from?

In good news I went to the ABC’s Comedy Bites night last night and had a fabulous night full of laughs and good company.  The weather was balmy as we sat outside eating dinner, a perfect Melbourne night.  We saw some awesome comedians and decided on going to see some of their shows.  There were a couple of questionable ones but 95% of them were really good.  I adore the Comedy Festival, especially as it’s around my birthday so it’s a good excuse to go out and enjoy yourself.

~ by Fen on March 30, 2011.

7 Responses to “quick update”

  1. You're not suited to be living alone. Find someone to share with you.And get another dog. I've got two. It's an inconvenience when they shit everywhere but they're marvellous fun, good for the ticker.

  2. Oh Fen, I am very sad to hear you're going through so many health issues atm. Don't feel you're being a hassle with the ambo's…it's their job. They get paid to do it. And as you said, you've got cover.Wishing good results for you when you get the tests. xox

  3. (((hugs)))Hope the next tests come back NAD and everything is sorted for you xxx

  4. LOL R.H. no thanks, I'm perfectly good living on my own with my one cat. Ute fanks, my health is rather annoying.Thanks Jayne.

  5. So clearly you are not dead yet. I am pleased. Id o feel sorry for people who have trouble with their livers and they don't drink.

  6. I'm a bit behind on posts; I'm so sorry your body's misbehaving again. At least your heart's fine and they've narrowed the problem down, but christ I wish you'd have some perfect health time *hugs*.

  7. No not dead yet Andrew, thankfully!Cranks yeh I'd like some good health myself, it's getting a bit tedious now. In fact just got of the phone from my Dad, who was telling me his brother just had a heart attack. So maybe I was having sympathy pains!

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