once a year, thank goodness

Happy 103rd Birthday To Me!

I want this cake, it’s cheesecake apparently.  Baked cheesecake is my favourite.  Oh yes.
Such a shame I’m at work, but hey, I don’t actually give a hoot considering I’m leaving in 7 shifts.

~ by Fen on April 15, 2011.

7 Responses to “once a year, thank goodness”

  1. happy birthday dear Fen, happy birthday to you.

  2. 103, eh?You look pretty damn good for your age. ;o)Happiest of Birthdays dear laydee!xoxoxox

  3. She looks good in any age. Especially my age, the Restoration. twinkle twinkle little Fenstar,how I wonder.-Rochester.

  4. yes indeed … proper, baked cheesecake, with sultanas in, and lemon juice. oh yum.Wishing you many, happy healthy birthdays to come, with cheesecake.

  5. They didn't have botox 103 years ago, so keep doing whatever you're doing! Happy birthday gorgeous lady!

  6. Thank you Andrew.I know Ute, must be in the genes ;)Ha ha gracias Lord Rochestermmmm Ann, you're invited around for cheesecake anytimeaah but they have botox now Nic x

  7. Sending you a "cheesy" belated birthday wish – the only cake I like is cheesecake (grin).

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