So I finished work last Sunday and boy was I glad to get out of there. The environment at that work place was getting more and more caustic because of a couple of unhinged people who were hell bent on their own f*cked up agendas.  I breathed a big sigh of relief when I exited the building for the final time.  Somewhat ironically one of said unhinged people also resigned, but has made everyone’s lives hell in his final days.  I’ve certainly had lots of angry texts and phone calls from my poor former work colleagues.
I’ve had the week off, been trying to readjust to days again. How novel.  Have been also trying to find some decent work clothes to buy.  I’ve put on 10 – 15kg since my surgery last year hence I don’t fit into my old work clothes.  Also ‘smart casual’ means nothing to me and I’ve been fretting about being overdressed.  Why is it the minute you go shopping with cash burning a hole in your pocket you find nothing that appeals to you?  Frustrating.
Once I get back into a proper work routine I will attempt to fix my weight problem.  The crux of the issue is I am a lazy sod.  I don’t eat badly, but working nights has wrecked my metabolism and energy levels.  Ideally I’d like a personal trainer, but my new wage won’t allow me to splash that much cash!  I’m desperately unfit, ugh I just hate it all at the moment.
Anywho, apparently there’s a wedding of sorts on tonight our time, I’m planning on doing some grocery shopping and going to Officeworks for some things.  Then I’ll watch some of the shows I’ve downloaded. I won’t be watching any wedding business, it’s invaded my brain enough this week.  I made the mistake of listening to Sally boringvoice on the radio this morning and people were ringing in about crap. People actually believe that our PM shouldn’t be attending the wedding because she’s SINGLE and an ATHIEST 
WHAT THE FIRETRUCK?!? Are we still living in the 1900’s?
I wanted to bash my head against the nearest hard object.  Not to mention the stupid c*cks who honestly thought the Chasers were going to be AT the wedding and were going to disrupt it and so it was good they’d been banned.  I mean come on people, do you even live in the same reality I do?  At times I really really hate the people that live in this world.  Aaaaaargh!!!
Oh and if you’re a Doctor Who fan and haven’t watched the first episode, make sure you catch it this weekend on the ABC. Or something. Coz I said.

~ by Fen on April 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “pieces”

  1. I was really hoping one talk back caller would bring out the phrase, 'she is living in sin'.

  2. LOVE that end pic – haaaaaaaaaa! Ach, I'm no Royal fan, but even I couldn't dodger getting caught up in the day, holding an impromtu BBQ, and popping some bubbles – way I see it, after all the shit they embarrass us through, we are owed some feel good factor by proxy every once in a while.I hate clothes shopping – glad to see I am not alone. And yeaaaaaaaaaaah for you quitting that shitty job!!!

  3. I forgot what I was going to say, so I'll just say some people are knobs and I hope you're having a great week in your new job.x

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