Twits & Weekends

Let me start with a tiny rant.
It’s days like today that I don’t get some people who use Twitter.  Said people wander about their town/city taking photos of their travels and posting them to twitter, usually with a sarky comment, or maybe it’s meant to be insightful.  Is this meant to make them cool? Intelligent? Awesome?  I mean usually they’re shite photos too.  I get it if you’re proving a point, ie a stupidly long queue or something actually interesting or funny, but mostly they’re rubbish, boring photos that I could care less about.  Are people’s lives really that empty that they have to fill it with this nonsense?
New job is ace.  I’ve spent the week doing reading and more reading, trying to remember my colleagues names, wandering up and down Chapel St (it hasn’t changed much), cussing at peak hour traffic and moving my car from 2hr parking spot to another 2hr parking spot.  It’s been really enjoyable.  Next week I already have an assessment with a client booked in, as well as a million meetings.  Bring it on I say.  I have my own work car to use so I can go visit clients and everyone I work with seems lovely.  Aaah what a relief.
Other than that, I’m totally brain dead, ready to go back to bed for a Nanna nap and wondering what people do on weekends.
P.S. – May – WTF?

~ by Fen on May 7, 2011.

7 Responses to “Twits & Weekends”

  1. twit, slang for idiot twittering like an empty head bird.Twitter – where they all go to do it. Lot of dumb stuff on facebook too. I despair at the relentless empty posts by people I know.Glad to hear your new job is satisfying, long may that reign.

  2. How come there's no comments on this. What's going on? Chapel Street won't change, not now, only a nuclear blast could clear all that trash. Are you working at Prahran mission?Your mother was a standout, the sort I'd follow in the street. There aren't many.

  3. Maybe no one found it interesting RH.

  4. You're joking now. Have you seen the twaddle on some of these blogs? And getting 40-50 comments. Hell.Don't be coy, you're always interesting.

  5. No comments … this didn't come up on my blog feed so maybe there was a tech iss-ewe. How bloody cold is it? I have to head back out for dinner and I may not leave the house again until mid-October. This moving your car every two hours is ridiculous, but so many have to do it. A girlfriend go two parking fines last week in Mornington as the only parking near her work is two hours — she was alone in the shop and got stuck with clients. I know laws are laws but it's damn annoying.

  6. Fen, it's freezing out there. When I got home yesterday, I couldn't believe the hailstones everywhere. I was down at the nursing home and said the clouds looked like snow clouds not rain, how close.

  7. Ann, I just found a couple of your comments in my spam folder :OI have no idea why, but I have freed them now. Poor comments.

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