Welcome back Blogger, that little interlude was a bit annoying, could you please bring back my lost comments, I haven’t been getting many lately so they all count!!
I’m sat on the couch watching the cheesy spectacle that is the Eurovision Song Contest.  God I love it.  Though there’s been a distinct lack of white outfits this year, which is disappointing!  Plenty of cheese and key changes and currently we have a beat boxer.  I have a soft spot for beat boxing.  It takes me back to a mad night of raving with Patrick Lindsey @ Kryal Castle.  Anywho, I digress.  Tomorrow night, for the SBS Eurovision Grand Final screening I will be going to a friends house where we have a Eurovision night.  Each year they cook the cuisine of the host country, so this year it’s German food.  We eat lots, have our own scoring and have plenty of laughs.  I so can’t wait.
As I sat in traffic, I mused how cool it would be to live above a 7/11. Hah!

I put TheMoo’s cat tree next to the window, she’s watching for cat burglars

Mr Grumpy is grumpy

I wish I could root my phone, no that’s not rude, it’s what you do!
Ooh and I purchased this bag from Etsy, because I hated every boring piece of crap that was in the shops. Honestly, there was NOTHING that even came close to interesting.  This one is super dooper awesome, handmade and wasn’t expensive at all.  I so can’t wait til it arrives.  I needed something that would fit all my stuff that I have to take when I meet with my clients’, this one fit the bill.


~ by Fen on May 14, 2011.

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  1. Schnitzel and sauekraut for Fen.

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