Getting Grumpy in my old age!

I’ve been looking at joining up with some fitness classes over the last couple of weeks.  I need to get my body back into shape and more importantly, my blood pressure is sky high and I need to address that too.  Unfortunately this may well be because my liver is not functioning properly (blood test results imminent) or simply because my genes are doomed as we have high BP on both sides of my family.  I’m not on BP tablets yet, but I am sure that’s happening.  My diastolic (the lower number of the two) has been really high, which isn’t good at all.  Anywho, add that to my list of body failures.
So I emailed a local ’boutique’ fitness place, via their website.  They were a bit more expensive than the local pool/leisure centre, but I figured their class sizes would be smaller.  The web form asked you to specify how you wanted to be contacted so I picked email as I can’t answer my mobile phone at work (mostly because it’s on silent and I don’t use it as I have a work mobile).  So what do they do? Ring me on my mobile.  Okay, fair enough.  Then after I booked a session with them, I changed my mind as I’d picked a 6am class and they told me at the end they don’t have showers and I would prefer not to have to go home and get showered/changed.  So I rang and left a message on their answering machine, specifying for them to ring me on my work number (as I knew I would be at my desk).  So what do they do, ring my f*cking mobile again.
I’m sorry, but if you can’t follow instructions then I don’t want to have any sort of relationship with you and you’ve just lost my business.  I may be getting grumpy in my old age but that just proves to me that they’re lazy and a bit inconsiderate.  I will go with the bigger classes at the cheaper place, because when I had to deal with them they were efficient and pleasant.  And they have showers, lots of them.
Is it just me that is swayed by stuff like this or am I being fussy?

~ by Fen on May 30, 2011.

14 Responses to “Getting Grumpy in my old age!”

  1. Fkn Amen to that. That pisses me off when people ask you specifically how to contact you, then they do the complete opposite. Dick heads.Here's to you finding a gym that suits your needs, and to you getting that BP down.xox

  2. After having umpteen service/delivery people visit over the last year, my partner gives them my mobile to ring when they are ready to visit and I am home, and they ignore this and call him come the time. It is not a one off. Something breaks down somewhere.

  3. Yeh Ute, cross yer bits. We're both in need of a bit of luck eh.Andrew, the thing that breaks down is their brains. Pure and simple!

  4. no you r not being fussy.if you continued allowing them to jerk you around you would be saying 6 months from now "I should have known right from the start"are you sure your BP is not result of eating chocolate right before measurement? it is a BP raiser.Good Luck, Brownie

  5. thanks Brownie, I hadn't eaten chocolate at all that day, so can't blame that!!And as a footnote, the gits from that fitness place rang me AGAIN today, on my MOBILE again. Of course I missed it coz I was at work and my mobile is on silent. Morons.

  6. No wonder their classes are smaller and they can't afford to install showers, the idiots running the membership are chasing clients away with their stupidity!

  7. They're monkey butts for giving you a contact option and then ignoring it repeatedly. I work too bloody hard for my money to give it to fuckwits who don't deserve it. /hormonal rant

  8. Spot on Jayne and Nicole, their idiocy doesn't deserve my hard earned dollars.

  9. I guess that's what you pay for a streamlined life; more streamlined, less useful.You wouldn't be drinking with a liver like yours?Peace, man.-Robert

  10. No R.H. I haven't consumed alcohol in a very long time. I'm not daft.

  11. Did I say you were daft? Go on, start an argument.

  12. Did I say that you said I was daft? How about you start an argument?

  13. You did already, I asked a question, you said daft. I was nice, you wanted a war.Hell, what an era, that's how relationships crash, and I haven't even taken you dancing.

  14. Enough already, quit acting like a married couple, you two! Yup, methinks you've definitely saved yourself much grief and frustration by opting for another gym, besides – WTF? – how can a gym even hope to operate without showers? Nuts!Good luck with the BP results, but if it is high, you don't need it shooting any higher dealing with idiots who can't even ring you on the right number..

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