where ya bin?

I’m not sure why, but some cockface has stolen my bin.  I put it out last Wednesday night as per usual and it disappeared after collection in the morning and before I got home that night. I thought maybe someone had collected the wrong bin & it would resurface today but alas, I just checked and still no bin.
Why the heck would anyone want to steal a bin?  There were 30+ bins out there, why mine? It has stickers with the number of my unit on it, I just don’t get it.
So I’ll have to contact the council and no doubt jump through hoops to get a replacement bin.

EDIT: I realised where my bin is tonight as I walked to my Nan’s.  The residents of unit 1 have stolen it and removed the other number so that only the 1 remains.  The thing that gives it away is their other bin has a different street number on it and the stolen one has mine.  They’ve semi tried to rip it off and failed.  Given that I spoke to the council and they’re organising me a new bin I decided to put a “BIN THIEF” note on the bin on the way back home tonight.  Honestly, given how easy it was for me to get a new one they must be complete dead shits if they actually needed a new bin.  Whatever, karma will bite them in the arse and I hope it’s painful.

My ex rubbish bin
The note I blu-tacked to the lid


I wish I could have taken a photo of it, alas it was 11pm and it was too dark and the bin sat below their window and I really didn’t want to be discovered.  It was bad enough that I was wearing my hella squeaky converse and had to creep up the path noiselessly ha ha ha.


~ by Fen on June 9, 2011.

7 Responses to “where ya bin?”

  1. They are sifting through your rubbish as I type, looking for incriminating evidence. 'What is this? A blond hair?'.

  2. a grey hair more likely!Stupid thing was it had bugger all in it, it probably didn't even need to be put out.

  3. WTF? Some people are lazy fucks; it'll probably be a saga getting another bin.

  4. I once found my bin dumped in the middle of the Quarterbridge roundabout – not an easy place to access, believe me! Hope yours re-surfaces soon, some folk will steal ANYTHING, won't they?

  5. The grinning Medici Of Hobsons Bay Council (most developer-friendly in Australia) told me these bins get knocked off all the time. And I'm not surprised, they're useful for many purposes. They replaced mine the following day.

  6. Pardon the vulgarity but you need desert boots ("brothel creepers") for mischief like that.

  7. You snuck out in the dark of night to put that note on the bin? That's awesome!

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