the wires and energy

My new bin arrived today, slack bastards left it out on the street. Ha ha. Thankfully they put my unit & street number on it, so I knew it was mine.  I found it when I put my recycling out, so now I’ll have to lug out my rubbish.  It’s a long walk to the street, about 250 metres.  I’m too lazy to walk that far 😉
Anywho, had a busy day with clients.  I’ve been taking our Masters placement student out with me, it’s been nice to have another person’s view on things. She said something interesting to me tonight on the drive back to work.  She said that I definitely had the weirdest clients, then laughed and said that it was okay because I was the only one who would be able to cope with them anyway!  I hate compliments but I just grinned and told her that’s coz I take no bullshit!  I have a new client tomorrow and I think he’s going to be a real challenge from what I’ve heard.  Let’s see if I cope!!
And in other news I think I need some chocolate. 
Rubbish to the bin first…

~ by Fen on June 15, 2011.

One Response to “the wires and energy”

  1. I have wandering bin fillers around here. And I forgot to put out the recycle bin so next time it will take a front end loader to lift it but no-one will be able to fit anything else in.

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