My Dad rang me today, asking if I’d like to come to lunch with my Uncle & Aunt.  I thought about it for a bit then figured why not.  I hadn’t seen them in quite a number of years and I was interested to see how they were doing.
Well I certainly found out.  In fact the whole afternoon was all about them.  I don’t think they even realise how self centred they are, they just talk constantly about themselves.  Even when Dad’s partner obviously tried to change the focus onto someone else, i.e. me for a few minutes, the conversation inevitably ended up back on them.
I guess this is why I stopped making the effort to stay in contact with them in the first place.  They’re nice enough people but they’re very full of themselves.  They’re not short of a dollar either and they don’t mind letting everyone know as much.
I’m just glad they didn’t bother asking me much about my life, they might have been disappointed that I’m not following the family tradition of breeding.
But back to more mundane things, I’ve started on a second lot of BP tablets as I had a bad reaction to the first. This lot seems to be agreeing with me a bit more, so that’s a damn relief. Work’s been super busy, a lot of our clients seem to be having a hard time of it lately, it must be the cold weather and shorter days. I had a 2 day course last week and I have another training day this week, so my brain is in asplode mode.  I went out for dinner on Friday night and had a lovely night. 
KHUN THAI *giggles*
Feeling good about the world.

~ by Fen on June 26, 2011.

9 Responses to “relative”

  1. Ugh, I think we all have rello's like that. Self centered braggers.Glad to hear the BP tabs are working for you. I guess it's like any drug, it takes a while to find one that is right for you.HAHAHAHA…love the photo! That would go quite nicely on my Funny Shite album. ;o)

  2. ha ha it would! Shame it's a crap pic, there was a dirty big bus in the way when I tried to take it. Maybe I'll go back and try again, I am in that area a bit!

  3. Oooh! Do eeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! :o)))

  4. Good thing you helped your dad endure them. if they have no children to leave all the moolah … it might be worthwhile to send them a christmas card …am saying this cos I know of RICH idiot who has left zillions to her handyman she hardly knows.good luck annie o'd

  5. Clearly your father's side. What about your late mother's side? Any nice Uncs or Aunts there?

  6. Anne – they've got kids, besides I don't want any money from them.Andrew – yup Dad's brother. All my Aunts/Uncles on Mum's side are lovely. There's one who's a right black sheep but other than that they're sound!

  7. It would be nice if they read your post :)and they may change the self centered attitude

  8. RingBali – I'm sure it would take more than one average blog post to change a lifetime of behaviour!

  9. Here here, that stuff is tiring and boring quickly. I've learned to leave the table when that happens, yawn, or go and pull weeds out of the garden. Anything to save my ears from hearing their self-absorbed drivel.

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