I know, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I last updated.  Slack of me.  I often think of writing stuff in here, but then I get distracted or think better of it.  Mostly I’m tired after busy days at work.  I’ve almost been at my new job for 3 months, I’m nearly through probation.  I’m still really really happy and enjoying my work, loving that each day and each week is completely different to the rest.
In the past fortnight I’ve had many challenges including nearly losing one of my clients to a major heart attack (he’s not out of the woods yet).  Life’s short folks and once again I’ve been reminded of this.  My clients all have mental health problems, so some days are more formidable than others. But you know, on the whole, they’re a really sweet bunch to work with and I get oh so much out of each and every day.
It was rather foggy on the way to work this morning, which I thought was kinda cool.
No officer, I wasn’t driving & taking photos!
When I got to work it was nice and sunny, but the fog followed me and soon the city was shrouded in a nice thick blanket.  My first client was in Port Melbourne and it was lovely and sunny there, so I was happy.  
I’ve been paying attention to, but not watching much of le Tour de France.  It’s on far too late for this early riser, so I get to watch the stage highlights on SBS at night when I get home.  On weekends I try to catch a couple of stages, but I’ve been hopeless much past 10pm!  Cav has been doing well again which is great to see and Cadel may even get a podium finish this year.
Anywho, it’s currently 5 degrees outside, so it’s going to be a chilly night. So thankful for my awesome gas heater.

~ by Fen on July 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “what?”

  1. Love the fog pics, great to hear you're enjoying your job and have nearly finished probation 🙂

  2. Wow, that 3 months just flew!It's great to hear you're enjoying your work. So happy that you're happy. :o)I love your photos. And yas, it's a cold one here tonight, too! Good for snuggling up. ;o)x

  3. great fog photo – good on you.wishing you and your clients only happy outcomes. x x

  4. Fen, it's so great to hear you waxing lyrical about your new job, it's such a sharp contrast to how unhappy you were in that other one – life sounds good! I love those fog shots, surreal, aren't they?

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