Monday Musings

About 6 years ago I almost purchased myself a Bengal kitten. This was whilst I was living in London and I fully believed that I was going to live there forever.  But as we all know I had to come home and thankfully I never did get that wee beautiful kitten or it would have had a looooong journey to Australia.
After my palava with Cooper I was kinda put off getting another dog to be honest. Then a little while ago I came across the photos I took of that little Bengal kitten from the UK.  
she was adorbs!
Bengals are a lot like dogs (seriously) but they’re cats. They’re full of personality and they’re stunning to boot. So it got me thinking, and researching.  I came across lots of lovely sites with Bengal kittens, but kittens are a lot of work.  Then I found a lady who had 2 Bengal boys up for adoption.  They are ex stud cats, 3 years old and both are simply fabulous to look at. 
So the upshot of this is that this weekend I will be visiting this lovely lady and her clan of Bengal cats, and I will be seeing if either one of those boys will fit into my house with my little Moo Girl.  It’s still a lot of work, integrating a new cat into an established household, but I’ve done it in the past so I know what I’m in for.
Now, onto the pictures. (to be honest they’re both striking in their own ways, I can’t pick either one simply from a picture!)
This one is called Alex:

This one is nicknamed Gary (because his coat glitters apparently!):

Gorgeous huh?!
And in other news, I got my tax refund back after only 11 days. Gotta be happy with that. Even better is that it was more than what the etax thingy estimated, so woohoo to that.
I had a 3 day long weekend, having an RDO on Friday which was awesome. Spent a large chunk of it shouting encouraging words at Cadel, who we all know now won the Tour de France.  I can’t believe it’s over for another year already.  The countdown begins til next year!!

~ by Fen on July 25, 2011.

12 Responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. Stunning!!!I never knew they came in the silver colour. There's a blogger by the name of Fingers who had/did own two, brothers called Ronnie and Reggie. I've heard they are very similar to dogs too. Hope it all works out for you!Yay for tax returns!!! Them giving us back what is rightfully ours anyway! Fuckers. ;o)

  2. They are stunning eh, can't wait to see them in person, often the pics can't capture just how gorgeous they are! This tax return will come in handy in spoiling my kitties!

  3. They are stunning, but they can be dominant to the point of severe aggression towards other (especially Bengal) cats. I'm not saying this will happen and I'm not trying to be alarmist, but I've seen it a couple of times with friends who have cats and have tried integrating Bengals. It was heartbreaking for one friend in particular to return an already-rehomed female cat as her Bengal boy kept beating her up. (He's great mates with another male Bengal now, so it ended up working out.)I know you'll do what's best for Miss Moo so I'll shut up.

  4. Oops, first sentence meant to say "non-Bengal" cats.

  5. Both are beautiful but Gary….!Gorgeous!

  6. Very nice. I have not seen them before. Hope one suits you

  7. It's ok Nic, I'll keep an eye on it. The lady I'm getting him off is happy for me to do a trial and if it doesn't work she'll take him back. Guess I'll have to see how it goes.Thanks Andrew.

  8. Hi Fen we are looking forward to having a noo furriend! Oliver and Ruby xx

  9. ooh hallo Oliver & Ruby, I'll make sure I post lots of pics x

  10. oh Ute! Ronnie and Reggie the Cat Kray Bros.Fen they are gorgeous and I envy you, but 'stud cats' ? Is Moo going to be ravaged?

  11. Jayne – Gary looks like a snow leopard no? *sigh*LOL Ann, they've both been fixed so hopefully there will be no ravaging, but i guess i will find out.

  12. you will have great pleasure if you visit Scotts Abode blog. He was our Melb blogpal and moved to the UK where he got 2 divine cats and has posted video of them co-grooming on his keyboard. worth the clickthrough. X X

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